And Now A Word About Traffic

3 children were seriously injured in the back of this car their dad was driving this morning

There are a lot of people moving into America who have absolutely no idea how to drive. Most DMV tests are written on a 3rd grade level and seriously, almost anyone nowadays can get a driver’s license. Gone are the days when most of us were compelled to take Driver’s Ed in school. Now? Our American highways are a free-for-all whereby cars can pass you on the right, the left, cut in front of you, stop in front of you ALL while the driver is actually texting on their cell phone. There aren’t enough police cars on the highway to catch everyone disobeying the traffic laws.

Some states, Florida included, doesn’t even require cars to be inspected each and every year! Know what that means? Cars with bald tires, bad engines, faulty brakes can and will be driving in front of you, behind you and next to you. You don’t have to be driving your car anymore to be in a serious accident. You can be stopped at a red light and hit from behind (see above photo) or as what happened to my brother, parked in the DMV parking lot when a tractor-trailer actually ran over his Mercedes car. With my brother still inside the car!!!

Odds are extremely very good that if you are hit in a moving accident, the other driver won’t be driving at the speed limit or hit you at a slow speed. You’re going to be impacted between 65 to 70 mph and that crash is either going to kill you or do some serious, serious damage to your physical well-being.

Here in Florida, I have seen an extraordinary increase in both car accidents and fatalities since last year. More and more foreigners are on the road and they know absolutely NOTHING about our traffic laws. It used to be the elderly were blamed for many of these accidents but I don’t see too many gray-haired drivers on the roads anymore. Of course not! They’re scared out of their minds to be on the highways let alone the individual streets. And you can include me in with those gray haired drivers terrified to get behind the driver’s seat anymore.

ccdmc331In the section of Florida I am residing in now, authorities have declared I-75 starting at Parrish and ending at Venice to be several miles of pure terror. Every.single.time I have been on this strip of highway I have seen at least one to two vehicles flipped and turned over in the side ditches. I have become so I-75 risk averse that I will no longer drive this stretch of highway. I have found alternate, safe, street routes east of I-75 BUT nonetheless my freedom to drive around the area has been seriously curtailed.

If you thought these traffic horror stories are limited to Florida (as most comediennes like to make fun of Floridian drivers) you’d be wrong. As more and more people relocate to America, as more and more drivers buy and use cell /smart phones, as more and more people are uneducated about our American driving laws, as more and more people apply and receive undeserving driver’s licenses (IMHO) due to lax driving requirements, there is going to continue to be a rise in car accidents through this country.

What about where you live? Have you seen any changes or increases in vehicle fatalities? Back in New York, Nick and I reside in farm territory (as we have since 1985). Other than farm equipment or a pick up truck, our roads are mostly empty. I will admit that neither he nor I can deal with this current, massive traffic in Florida. And it’s not just limited to Florida! We found such traffic mayhem in Rome & Milan, Italy as well as Paris, France. Even when we drove in New York City, car accidents happened at either 25 or 35 mph. Here in Florida, because the speed limit is 70 mph, you are going to be impacted at very high speeds. Yes, even on the streets! The odds of the state or local municipalities changing or modifying the traffic laws are moot. Very few people here have any respect for the law. Once you enter a highway or interstate, you are literally taking your life into your hands.

Thankfully our residence in Florida is self-contained. In reality, there really is no reason why we need to step outside our gates. Some big box stores as well as fast food restaurants are within the compounds outer perimeters. Nonetheless, traffic ANYWHERE now needs to be a consideration with anyone considering relocating (or staying-in-place) for retirement. Most suburban and rural communities have not adequately invested in metropolitan transportation (buses and trains). Most people can not afford UBER on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. There is talk about driverless cars BUT when you are in one of those vehicles and it has to face unscrupulous drivers, no computer in the world can be that fast nor protect your life inside the vehicle.

You may think living in a bustling city might solve your transportation woes. Good luck with that! As most NYC dwellers can tell you, their recent summer bouts with mass transit failures (MTA) had them sweltering in un-airconditioned stations as they waiting hours upon hours for the next available train, bus, whatever.

Be careful out there people. It really is a jungle.



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