Flu Fighting Friends

I’ve been ill since Christmas Day. That’s when a sick niece of mine from California visited us and shared her awful germs with all of us. Not that I am blaming her but…….Most everyone of us came down with something after she left.

Two days ago I had to be rushed to the Urgent Care ER because I was starting to get unstoppable nosebleeds. The doctor previous had told me to buy a humidifier, keep my nostrils moist (with vaseline) and it worked for a while. Till this past Saturday. The blood came shooting out of my nose, all down my clothes and permeated the bathroom floor before I just gave up and demanded I be taken to the emergency room. After about 30 minutes of wait time, fill out forms time, I finally had my left nostril cauterized. It was a painful, brutal procedure but one that had to be done nonetheless.

This is the third time in the month of January that I have been to Urgent Care. It has gotten to the point that most of the staff knows me by name! I’ve seen almost every doctor that works there on a revolving schedule. Since I have both Medicare and supplemental insurance, no money has exchanged hands yet BUT January is a new month/year and a new set of deductibles will be in order. I will be dreading getting the mail in 30 days when the billing department catches up with me.

The pharmacy wouldn’t honor my drug plan, so I had to go without a few prescriptions. Thankfully, when I told my doctors on the next Urgent Care visit, they knew how to rewrite the script so that the Big Box pharmacy could fill the RX for $4. That was a lucky break for me.

best flu friends
For me, these two pals have given me great comfort

I have done nothing this past month except care for myself and worry. My husband hasn’t made my life any better because he insisted on flying back to New York and when he returned he brought a plethora of his own dirty germs back from the two airplanes into our abode. Plus he’s also sick with the flu. Luckily, he got a flu shot but that hasn’t stopped him from coughing, hacking, sweating, shivering and sneezing.

It’s been a challenge caring for ourselves, cooking & cleaning for ourselves………this whole flu epidemic has given both me and hubby some things to think about regarding our retirement futures. Thankfully, we have many, many amenities nearby that can help us in our time of need. For example: we can get grocery and food deliveries, pharmacy and drug deliveries, plus we have a network of friends and family who can check in on us. As I stated previously, I can either bicycle to our local Urgent Care, walk there or drag myself there should I not be able to drive. Thankfully, some neighbor would find me and bring me there if ever the need arose.

In the interim, I’ve canceled so many events this past month, its a wonder anyone can remember me. I’ve canceled the book club, the photography club, yoga lessons, lunch appointments, tennis lessons, a MLK concert, evenings out and all social events. I haven’t met one goal of my Winter Bucket List (click here). Realistically, they’re all meaningless without your health. On the few events I did attend, I suffered for them the next day. This flu is one step forward, two steps back. You start to feel better, you go out and do something and then wind up back in bed for two days. UGH! Thankfully however (and praise Almighty God!) I got the pneumonia shot last year so this year, I have NOT gotten pneumonia!

I’m certain my readers are bored to tears about all my health rants. Just know how important your health is in retirement. Protect your good health with everything in your power. And for the first time since I turned 65 and went on Medicare, I am so, so happy to have it! Thank goodness for Plan D (additional drug coverage) and my supplemental AARP Health Insurance. While I sat in the Urgent Care waiting room, I was shocked at what other people had to either pay or co-pay. Down here, in Florida, Medicare patients get the red carpet treatment and I am most grateful for the expert, kind, considerate care.

Be well, my friends and prosper!


  1. So sorry to hear this. Before we went on our cruise, I was so paranoid about one of us getting sick that I bought 4 large bottles of Emergen-C. We all religiously took them and remained healthy. My daughter is now sick at school, but can still get around. My husband and son both had the flu shot…I never got around to it. BUT, since being on the cruise ship where all they talked about was washing your hands… I nonstop wash my hands and wipe down handles, etc. with clorox wipes. I try not to get worn down, but the winter suck is getting to me, thankfully only mentally, not physically.
    I hope you feel better soon!! xoxoxo


    • Thanks Sharon. The Air Borne makes me feel better. Don’t know how much protection its giving me. You were smart on your cruise, that’s for sure!
      Florida weather has been sucky. No sunshine. UGH!
      Thanks, as always, for your comment.


  2. Good gravy! You have been so sick for too long. It has been several days since this post was written so I am hopeful that the nosebleeds are behind you and the new drugs have put you on the road to recovery.

    I remember how you had planned to start playing tennis again. There’s always spring. And it will be here before you know it. We both need to take care of ourselves now, while the weather is not the best, so we can enjoy all of our favorite activities once it begins to warm up.

    Take care, sweets!!


    • Hi Leslie. I wound up having my nose cauterized. Very, very painful. And then two days later it started bleeding again. Ugh. It’s all under control now (I had extremely high blood pressure. Double ugh) and that had to be medicated. What a mess.
      I’m terrified on doing anything right now. Taking hikes and walks are fine but I can’t exert myself for now (otherwise my nose will ‘pop’) so tennis is out for now. As you say, however, spring is right around the corner and hopefully I can get into full swing by then. You always have an uncanny way of seeing AND finding the good in everything. You bring hope. LOL! You’re a treasure. Thanks for your comment.


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