Take A Good Look: This Is What Society Thinks Of The Elderly

You’re someone to be laughed at, mocked, body-shamed, made fun of, disgraced and abused. You’re nothing more than useless, old and feeble. You’re an idiot, a moron, a jerk.

And to top it all off, you didn’t save enough money for your retirement!

Quick, the stock market is tanking. Aren’t you now glad you didn’t invest in Wall Street? Like E-Trade is shaming you to have done?  Interest rates are rising. Which is the BEST news most retirees will love to hear!

F/U E-Trade. You’re nothing more than a ponzi scheme.


  1. Hmmm. I didn’t see that at all. BUT, I made $200,000 this past year in my retirement accounts, and most recently ‘lost’ $25,000 because of the ‘downturn’. I’m not going to complain. I think this commercial is a view of what the future will be like if you don’t save money for retirement no matter what avenue you take. I think they were going for funny, not abusive.


    • Hi Sharon. The ad assumes most retirees who didn’t adequately save for retirement were stupid and dummies. Not always so. We should have more compassion for struggling retirees. I see a lot of them here in Florida working at Wal Mart etc. If we’d stop and talk to them we’d find out it was not their fault. AND we’d find out most of them are happy continuing to work. At whatever position they have. If an elderly person is still working, we should congratulate them. They bring a lot of experience into their jobs. An elderly man, in a wheelchair, working in technology is NOT an idiot. Or volunteering as a firefighter, is a person who is committed to saving lives. That’s my point. We should be admiring these people. Not making fun of them. I saw absolutely no humor in the advertisement whatsoever. More incorrect profiling our advertisers like to lay on us.
      Congrats on your $200K increase. YAY! You’ll make up that $25K “loss” in no time. E-Trade failed to mention that now that saving rates are on the rise (3% and counting) more and more retirees can finally make some income on their interest, thus raising their quality of life.


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