Back In The U.S. Back In The U.S. Back In The U.S. ER

For the fourth time in six weeks, I was rushed to the ER. Yet once again. Apparently the nose cauterization I had three weeks ago was obviously failing. About a week after the procedure, my nose started bleeding again. At first, just a few drops. And then prolonged frightening nose bleeds. Many of them come, at night, while I am sleeping. So, any physical cause has been ruled out. After all, I’m sleeping! What the heck can I be doing in my sleep to overexert myself causing my nose to bleed?

bloody noseAs instructed by Urgent Care (who preformed the cauterization) if my nose started to bleed again, I was to go directly to the local hospital ER center. Which I did. Thankfully, the doctors saw me right away. There was a concern that perhaps my blood, for whatever reason wasn’t clotting correctly. My nosebleeds were lasting more than 30 minutes. There was worry. The nurse drew my blood. Several tests were run. One of them, the clotting factor, came back off the charts. The doctor ordered it to be run again. So, for the second time, the nurse drew my blood. All the while I sat with nose clips on my nose, while blood still dripped out my left nostril below. UGH. What a horrible, horrible experience. I felt old. Very old, in fact. I felt tired, run down and yes….I felt like giving up. All these possible diseases were running through my brain (leukemia, cancer, anemia etc…..) and I was getting very, very depressed. I was at the start of my full-blown retirement and I was having nothing but bad news health problems.

I want to get on with my life! These health problems were getting in my way!

All the tests came back negative and marginal. As usual there is NOTHING wrong with me. I’m just going to have to contend with these nose bleeds. The doctor said that the pressure in my head, causing my nose to explode and bleed could be due to allergies and/or some sort of irritant affecting my nose. We discussed my fucking smoking neighbors (excuse my language, but I am starting to hate those people who live below me). It’s a possibility but one that the Smoke Eaters (air quality apparatus) might take care of. But this is allergy spring season right now in Florida, so it’s probably that. Doc told me to keep my a/c on and get back to sleeping with a humidifier running. Which I have and last night I slept very well, no nosebleeds, no headaches, no feelings like my brain was going to explode. There was also a concern that my blood pressure was too elevated so my cardiologist prescribed another med to keep my numbers in check.

Anyway, I’ll be heading back home soon to the great mountain air.

In the interim, that nose clip has become my new best friend. Once it’s on, I can walk, talk, have a cup of coffee and putter around while my nose bleeds. As I said, this is my retirement and no one or any thing is going to interfere with it! At my age, I just don’t give a rats ass anymore how I look or what is happening. I just want all these little “interferences” to go away!

Live well and prosper, my friend. Live well and prosper!


  1. My money is on blood pressure. Unless you are on something like coumadin, which the ER doc would surely have linked to the nosebleeds. How terrifying and most inconvenient. Glad you slept well with the AC and humidifiers.


    • Hi mommy. Yup. It’s my blood pressure. 158 over 82. At the Urgent Care it was up to 177 over 80. New meds got my pressure down to 120 over 60. Much much better. At least I don’t feel like my head is going to explode. Have no idea why my pressure went through the roof. But I can honestly say that I am very into getting my health on track. Ugh. AlwYs something. Feeling much better.


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