The Beach Boys: The Key To Unfading Youth

beach boys.jpg - 1
we had center stage seats!

If you get the opportunity to hear (see) The Beach Boys in concert, it’s going to be the most near-spiritual event of your lifetime (IMHO). If you’re a Baby Boomer like me, you probably grew up on The Beach Boys music as you drove your daddy’s car, with the radio blasting while having fun, fun, fun cruising through the hamburger stand now. Like, who didn’t do those things back in high school?


When tickets for The Beach Boys concert go on sale around here, they usually sell out in no time. That is why I was so stoked when I scored 4 tix to see The Beach Boys in concert last night! The social club here on the property bought 50 tickets and I was almost the first person on line to buy! (the tickets came with a complimentary 30 minute bus ride to the venue, but hey, WTF? All that meant to me was the partying started in the bus!)

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Don’t worry about feeling old, or hanging on to a bygone era. You won’t feel any of those pangs. You’re gonna feel good! The Beach Boys music is timeless, ageless and guaranteed to get you dancing in the aisles in like nano-seconds. You can NOT be depressed, unhappy, in a bad mood or sulking when Mike Love belts out “Good Vibrations” (which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary!) Brian Wilson, who co-foundered The Beach Boys ended his career in 1998 but licensed ‘The Beach Boys’ and all its music to Mike Love, currently age 76, who is an original Beach Boy and Brian’s cousin. Mike Love is joined by another original Beach Boy, Grammy-award winning Bruce Johnston (joined The Beach Boys in 1965) and 8 more musicians who replicate The Beach Boys sound effortlessly.

john stamos 2015As a special treat, the band was joined by John Stamos, who has been playing with The Beach Boys, on tour, since 1983. Who knew? Ladies, I’m advising you….if you get the opportunity to see (hear) The Beach Boys in concert…..R.U.N.! Stamos, of Full House fame is a multi-talented actor AND musician/singer/songwriter. Stamos played guitar, drums, bongos and crooned out a few good Beach Boys tunes. And he is just so darn good looking!! Recently married, Mike Love officiated the ceremony (gosh, these guys are tight friends!) and is expecting his first child (yes! his pregnant wife, Caitlin was there ladies……calm down!) Stamos’ wife danced with Mike Love during one of the romantic Beach Boys tune.

stamos & beach boys

The Beach Boys mean more than having fun in the sun.  The Beach Boys mean that the beach isn’t just a place where the surf comes to play. It’s where life is renewed and made whole again. My fave Beach Boy song is Kokomo, so much so that I named my condo after it: Kondo Kokomo. And that is precisely what I have found here.

I got here fast but I’m taking it slow.

Enjoy (and if you look very closely, you will see a very, very young John Stamos on bongos!) In addition, of course, to Tom Cruise………..


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