We Survived

Yesterday, we got hit with a blizzard. What a nice ‘Welcome Back Home’ that little treat was. Our electricity went out almost immediately as soon as the 60mph winds hit our area. We don’t anticipate getting our electricity back for several more days. Ah, the benefits of living in the country!

Thankfully, after living here for 17 years, we have a generator! But ever since Nick’s heart diagnosis, he’s been warned not to lift anything above 50 pounds. Our generator is 150 pounds!  Again, thankfully we stored it close by our home and Nick had an easy time setting it up. Plus, we had cash on hand to buy gas, if and should the gas stations be cut off from electricity also.

We only keep the generator running for a few hours at a time. We do NOT keep it running overnight while we are sleeping. Which can cause us to awake in a very cold house! So far, so good. Been there. Done that. Next time however, when calamity hits us yet once again, we will have installed a permanent generator connected to our home. Nick is getting too old for this sort of cave-man existence. And I personally love my cup of tea, a warm home and my remote control!

To see some photos of our area, click here. Nick made this quick video:




  1. We lost a 50 ft tree and our daughter lost electricity. They are supposed to be restored late Sunday—maybe. My son got about 5 inches of sleet! Ahhh- now I know what a Nor’easter looks like. Tell Nicholas, nice video 🙂

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    • I will Jan. He’s getting good at it, right? Our electricity is still out with NO set date for restoration. Translated, that means we have a very long week ahead of us.


  2. Hi Cindi, I was thinking of you, seeing how much your area was getting on the local news here in CT. Well, I had heavy snow to the north of me, snow to the south of me and east and west some within two miles and I did get the high howling wind and lots of rain, but no snow! Electricity stayed on. As far as I can see just dead branches dropped from the wind, and to think I spent all Thursday afternoon in the warm sunshine clearing the winter debris off my front and side yards. Guess I will be clearing again! When the ground gets dried out!
    I am glad the generator is making life more tolerable while you wait for your electricity to come back on. A friend of mine camps out in their RV when this happened so they had all the ability to cook and refrigerator to maintain food and adequate heat at less cost. A staycation! Sincerely, Lara

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    • Hi Lara. My RV is in storage. But that’s a very good idea. Our power may go back up this afternoon. Fingers crossed. We got hit hard AND we’re going to get hit again on Wednesday. Ugh.
      Thanks for your comment.


  3. I am curious, what’s it cost to,store an RV? With your three acres why would you not have it on your property? lara


    • Hi Lara. In Florida, we can’t park an RV on the condo parking lot. So, it has to go into storage. Prices can be anywhere from $40, $50 to $130 a month. Small spaces fill up quickly. WE got hammered with a $130 a month spot (which would total $780 for 6 months). Luckily I have a girlfriend who lives in Florida and raises horses on her 10 acres. She stored my RV for free. Bless her heart!
      When we are in NY, of course, we would keep our RV here. In fact, our barn was built with a super high garage door so that we can store our RV indoors.
      Thanks for asking. 🙂


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