We Have The Power!

Our electricity was turned back on last night, Monday at 8PM. Just in time for another nor’easter to hit us tonight, Wednesday. Another round of snow, up to 12 inches this time, is supposed to befall us by Thursday morning. After that, another nor’easter next Monday.

As I excruciatingly explained to DH, we can not be here during the winter months. I thought I had our lives all sewn up, as we finally had a Florida condo to go to during the winter months to keep warm…..but alas, that dream has burst. We’re back to square one. Next winter we are going to make the five day trek out west to Arizona BUT I don’t see wintering there (January, February and March) to be sustainable (as Nick and I get older).

We have someone who plows our driveway and shovels our walkways. This spring we’re installing an automatic generator to our house so Nick doesn’t have to lug out our portable generator and service it through the cold, bitter weather. We’re also considering installing a pellet stove in our living room to stay warm when the power goes out. I suppose if we can just hunker down here during the winter we’ll be alright. But then again, I start to get visions of Costa Rica, palm trees, tiki bars and pina coladas. So, I really don’t know how long we can ‘hunker down’.

Life is a journey. (wo)Man makes plans. God laughs His head off!

house front
eventually, the snow will cover our front steps


  1. I think Arizona is much more affordable then you think. There are lots and lots of “snow bird” places. Managed cities with lots to do nearby. Las Vegas is the same. I worked at the airport when I started my teaching careers and cannot tell you the number of 90 yr olds(or older) showing up to live in their ParkMobile home. Those communities are like extended summer camps that close down in May!
    Good luck with this next storm. May it pass quickly and we all be safe with this late winter!


    • Thanks Jan. I’m looking forward to going out west. It’s very spiritual, I heard. Looking forward to another exciting adventure for sure! And yes, it’s a LOT cheaper than Florida.


  2. I really love the seasons and since I don’t need to go out to work and have my snow plowed I just enjoy the beauty of it. At this age, I feel I am like winter peaceful but a huge amount of activity happening under the outer layer.
    Dry seldom lose electricity with the underground wires. But always Having a full larder, and loads of outSide refrigeration, and two fireplaces keeps all of the stress and worries at bay. My niece gave me one of those charging cases for my IPad, just in case I need to play a computer game.! If my electricity goes out. Lara


    • Those underground wires are thee best! Lucky you. Nope, Here we’ve got wires all over the place. A tree falls and 10 families are affected. Not good. If I had a set up like you do, I’d probably enjoy winter more also! Have fun!


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