Size Matters

Remember last week when I told you we got an unexpected $100 refund? DH and I agreed to split the windfall 50/50 and I went out and bought brand new clothes from Old Navy? Old Navy was having a two-day online sale PLUS giving away a 20% discount on everything ordered if you registered your email with them. Which I did. Also, if you ordered above $50, you got free shipping.

Well, I really, really needed a full pair of jeans now that I am back up in the cold, cold north for the rest of the winter. Old Navy had the latest style, straight leg jeans which retail for $35 for only $17.50! Tack on the 20% discount and I was able to score myself a brand new pair of jeans for only $14.00. Score! I added a few tops into my order (which I later returned two of them, for reason I will divulge later on).

Not having bought clothes for myself lately and knowing full well that I have tacked on a few pounds or two (or three or five or ten………) I ordered everything in a way larger size than  have ever ordered before. To be more exact, I ordered all of the tops in an XL (extra-large) and I ordered my jeans in a (gulp) size 16!  Please be advised that I have, never, ever, ever been a size 16. I’m usually a 12 or a size 14 which is exactly the same size Marilyn Monroe was! So I tell myself.

Seriously, when my order arrived I was even worried that the size 16 wasn’t going to fit and perhaps I should have gotten a size 18? Funny how the mind controls what our human eyes see. Anyway, when I tried on the jeans, as well as the tops, imagine my surprise when I realized the clothes were ALL TOO BIG!!!! Happy me! I brought them back to a brick and mortar Old Navy store, exchanged them for the smaller sizes and they now fit perfectly! I’m still a size 14. Marilyn Monroe and I are safe!

Size does matter!

I bought these brand new jeans for only $14. Score!

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