How To Eat Your Way Through A Birthday

DH wanted to celebrate his birthday this year by eating out in all his most favorite food joints. Who am I to argue? So, we did. (I abstained from eating. After all, it was HIS birthday!)

First up, Eveready Diner for a scrupulous, delicious, super calorie-laden breakfast.

birth day.jpg - 1
The Eveready Diner. Super fave!
birth day.jpg - 2
2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausages, 3 pancakes, strawberry butter

We took a nice long walk in between next meal. (Gulp) Had a bunch of errands to accomplish. Took our time. At the end of the day we clocked almost 3 miles of walking. Good! It equaled out some of the food we ate.

Next stop: Bread Alone Bakery and Cafe (main branch location….where the actual bakery is located. Yes, please!) Hubby had his favorite sandwich of roasted turkey and veggies on organic whole grain bread. I had a cappuccino. And watched.

birth day.jpg - 4
Bread Alone ordering center
birth day.jpg - 3
The Happy Birthday Boy

Next stop was a Flower Show. How better to enjoy the winter snow than attending a beautiful flower show? It was the last day of a week long show so not much was going on. The flowers, however, and their aura were delightful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Afterwards, DH got a hankering for a home cooked meal. He (and I) wanted a roast beef dinner, complete with onion au jus gravy and mashed potatoes. We didn’t want junk. We wanted top of the line BUT we didn’t want to pay the high price of prime beef. The angels up above must have been shining their good graces down on DH because we stopped at Adams Fairacre Farms (super gourmet) and as we looked at all the high priced beef, Nick spotted a section that was selling meat at a 35% discount. SCORE! We found not one, but two prime roast beefs, not only at the sale price of $3.99 a pound BUT with an additional 35% off! Plus we got a 5 pound bag of local potatoes for only $1.99. Throw in some croissants for tomorrows breakfast and some gourmet jelly beans for a late night TV snack and it was a perfect ending to a perfect day. Topped off with a Carvel Ice Creme Birthday Cake for two!

Happy Birthday, Nick. Hope you enjoyed your day!

birth day.jpg - 15

birth day 2.jpg - 2

birth day 2.jpg - 3

birth day.jpg - 16



  1. Happy Birthday, Nick🎉 Nice way to enjoy the day. I made a large certified Angus, no hormones or steroid beef roast on Thursday that I got at $1.99 lb at Market 32. Last night, I made beef stew So yummy!
    Great news on your last size matters post that you were happily surprised still Size 14. Yahoo!
    You should check out today an article on how Social Security has cheated widows and widowers out of $135 million. Regards, Lara


    • Hi Lara. Thank you. On all counts. I did read about that SS and how it has cheated widows. No chance of them paying the widows back, is there? Hope you weren’t affected. We have to be so smart and on the ball these days.
      Thanks so much for your comment!


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