How You Dress In Retirement Shows How Successful Your Retirement Truly Is

Ed Slott, renown CPA and IRA expert, is airing a new retirement show, ‘Retire Safe & Secure‘ on your local PBS stations. If you get a chance, give the show a look and catch up on all the latest new laws and retirement trends Slott so boldly likes to tout about. One of the items Slott amusingly but casually glossed over is when a retiree switches from saving money to spending money. Slott made a snide remark stating that he could always tell which one of his retirement clients weren’t living a decent retirement by the clothes they were wearing.

Ed Slott said these clients would boast they were still wearing a pair of pants for 30 years and that the pants originally “belonged to their father!” The audience started to laugh but Ed Slott didn’t stop his critique there. He told his audience to look at themselves and note how they were currently dressed. Most every person in the audience was dressed shabbily. I didn’t see any humor in the exchange. Because Slott was right. People could instantly make a judgment call on the status of your retirement simply by looking at the clothes you were wearing.

There’s simply no reason why, in our retirement, we have to look like worn out slobs. No one is expecting us to go out and buy a $150 pair of jeans. We’ve sacrificed and gone without for most of our working lives. It’s OK now to look a bit more presentable in our retirement years. It’s OK to make a statement, by dressing well and letting people know we are doing fine. I understand it’s not nice to judge but reality check: people judge.

I found Ed Slott’s snide remark to be very offensive. Sure, he was up on stage dressed in a million dollar suit because he makes so much money from those PBS specials BUT did he need to mock the very same people, retirees, who made him that rich? Ed Slott’s goal is to make retirees wealthy. Apparently, he wants his clients to dress the part too and in that thoughtful trend, Slott is correct. How you dress in retirement shows how successful your retirement truly is.

Here are a few retirement dressing ideas I pinned off Pinterest. Spend a bit of money on yourselves, ladies. It’s AOK.



  1. I have never been that into clothes- or make up.I know it is important to others- but not me. If you judge my bank account or my happiness by my dress, then you will be sadly disappointed. I’d rather put my money into other things. It is what it is.


    • HI Jan. Move over. You’ve got a lot of like-minded buddies to share your same attitude. I used to think the same way. Till I realized my style of dressing aged me. As you say: it is what it is.


  2. Shortly after I retired, I stumbled across the very first style challenge created by blogger Alison Lumbatis. It was spring and I was feeling very lost, so I joined up. So glad I did. The participants became my friends and many of them are still virtual friends. Anyway, all of this to say, participating in this challenge gave me a reason to get dressed in the morning. Until I could figure out, what else I was going to be doing in this new chapter of my life called retirement.

    Lately, I find myself in active wear everyday rather than getting “dressed” so I need to get back on track. Thank you for this thoughtful reminder.


    • Leslie, I often found myself in active wear too! That’s why I’m so happy I recently bought myself a pair of jeans in the latest style: straight legged and a bit cropped. Got a few new tops also. If you look at the photos I selected, all the women are in jeans! We can still be comfy but stylish. I certainly feel a whole lot better when I put on my new jeans lately! A special treat is to get my nails done or a pedicure (note all the women have beautiful toes!!)
      Good for you collaborating with Alison etc. Does a girl good.


  3. I have the white coat in the first picture in black! Love it. I have all these great spring scarves and just brought them out of my closet down on the hooks by my backdoor so I go out more stylish. Invested in them why not use them. I Never embraced the active wear trends. Always been into the classier tailored look and jeans . And God help me if I ever start buying theAlfred Dunner knits my Mom was in for thirty years! Give me Polos, crisp blouses, Capri s for summer and cotton sweaters. And now have to use Coolibar for sun protection.sincerely, Lara

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    • I’ve got a few scarves up my sleeve too! They’re great. They really do give you a professional look. I’m a jeans and tee shirt gal. But now with this extra stomach fat I have (due to all the stress in my life…..grrrrrrr……) I have to wear poofy tops to hide the bulge. Oh well.
      I like the active wear. Extremely comfy and expandable. LOL! Of course, as soon as I get home, the flannel PJ’s zip right on up. Now, those are super, super comfy!
      Thanks for sharing, Lara.


  4. Being Lazy today, I am in comfy green pajamas (for St Patrick’s Day) languishing in my bedroom on my IPad and just going down for my first cup of Java. Lara


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