Every Grandparents Dream: 60% Off At Toys R Us.

First off, let me say that I am very sad to see Toys R Us closing all of their 800 stores in the United States AND laying off 31,000 employees with no benefits or severance packages either. It’s a very sad thing indeed. According to this CNN Report (click here) Toys R Us can’t blame Amazon for their demise. They can only blame themselves because the company was mired in just too much debt. Toys R Us couldn’t pay the debt back, so they went out of business.

No more will we hear the Toys R Us jingle:

I guess Toys R Us was forced to grow up and face their maker. Heavily in debt, no amount of selling could ease the company’s decline. Needless to say, Toys R Us are liquidating most of their merchandise at huge savings. They are NOT, however, offering any discounts on any of their Lego lines of toys. They must have a special deal with Lego. So, if your children or grandchildren are into Legos, they’ll just have to wait.

In the interim, run, do NOT walk and go shop to your heart (and wallet’s) content at a Toys R Us near you. You’ll find Barbie dolls that retail for $20, on sale, for only $8. Novelty items are pennies on the dollar. Books, puzzles, games, pool equipment, bicycles, Disney products, science projects, Tonka-like items…………whatever……all heavily discounted.

As a financially challenged grandma, such as myself (we are limited to spending only $25 per event per child) I took on a no-holds-barred challenge and bought my two granddaughters whatever they wanted. I took pictures at the store, messaged them to my daughters and we all decided what I would buy and what I would not buy. In the end, my granddaughters will be getting a bunch of great toys that weren’t available to them before. Today, I felt extra special being a grandma! It was a very happy event, despite the sadness of the closing of the stores. (I did speak to some of the employees and most have already found other jobs, thanks to our new, great economy. It’s all good.)

Toys R Us officially closes April 15. Here’s my haul for today:

toys1.jpg - 1
Wonder Woman, Rapunzel, Moana, Belle, Minnie Mouse and Crayola

What the inside of the store looked like (everybody is happy!):

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  1. My daughter took her $140 of gift cards from their Birthdays last week and the kids selected 2 Legos that were 20%off, PlayStation 4 game FIFA 2018 and Harry Potter items and some older girl stuff. I had routinely gotten Legos there at 20% off
    You got a nice haul for upcoming events. I myself won’t be hitting their closeout sale because the Grandkids are older and change their minds several times before their Birthdays and Christmas. So sorry to see it close. Sincerely,Lara


    • Hi Lara. Good thing your daughter used her gift cards. That was a big worry for some people. I’m sorry to see Toys R Us close too. Sad. End of an era.


  2. So just got next week Shop Rite ad great time to Stock up on the ingredients to make lasagna and stuffed shells. My freezer is getting a little low. Perfect timing. Lara


  3. Oh, my, goodness, that’s awesome. I agree, sad to see Toys R Us go. We had a store in the town close by when we first became parents, but it couldn’t compete with Walmart and Target superstores. Enjoy watching the grandkids play with their treasures!!

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  4. If you are going to be buying Legos in the future Amazon prices are lowest in the summer and by October they are full retail and more for the hot new one. I do better watching Target ad for their toynsales and watch Walmart. Remember the stores do matching price to their competitiors ad. Lara

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  5. 🍀 In Celebrating being A wee bit Irish (7.5% from getting my DNA results) my lunch is spinach salad with julienne carrots. Desert a sliced kiwi four leaf clover. Dinner salmon with green dill relish on a bed of sauté cabbage , asparagus, orange butternut squash. And breakfast was a four leaf clover oat flour pancake with key lime Greek yogurt, eggs scrambled with chives. Coffee in An Irish coffee goblet I bought on our honeymoon in 1974, Corn beef is too much salt and couldn’t find a package that said hormone steroid free.
    Trying to Go more Green for better health! Happy St Patrick’s Day 🍀 Lara


    • Thanks Lara. We’re not having corned beef either. Way too much salt! I’m enjoying pistachio gelato (like ALL day long). Delish. And of course, it’s green.


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