Just Another Sad Hotel Horror Story

There’s a very good reason, in addition to just traveling, that DH and I have an RV. Its called ‘Hotel Horror Stories’. On our way down south, our mid point to Florida is Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Since we travel with a dog, there’s a certain hotel chain we’ve been using for the past three years that both accepts dogs while providing a decent, clean room. Needless to say, we’re also members of their “club”.

Two years ago, when our RV wasn’t available, we stayed in this Rocky Mount Hotel only to discover bed bugs. So, we never stayed at this chain location ever since. We went one town over to Wilson, NC and had a lovely stay in a less crowded town. Recently, this past February we had to stay in Wilson yet again because our RV was in storage. The hotel was undergoing a massive yet beautiful renovation. This March we needed to stay there once again BUT the completed renovations caused the newish hotel to triple their price. Even with our membership discount, it wasn’t cost effective for us to stay there. A quick re-look at Rocky Mount and their lower price convinced us to give the hotel another chance. Surely the bed bugs would be gone.

After driving for 10 hours, we checked into a very crowded Rocky Mount Hotel. We waited on line for at least 15 minutes. The woman in front of us had no reservation, thus no room. The woman and the only receptionist checking people in had a major thing in common. So did most of the others waiting in line. Nick and I were the only two people who stuck out like poor white thumbs.

When it was our turn to check in, the nasty, belligerent receptionist told us that since we didn’t check off the pet category on our reservation, there were no rooms for us.  She promptly gave our room to the waiting woman.  No matter what I said, that we were members and that I ALWAYS made our reservation in the same way, our dog was never an issue. She told me she only had 6 rooms for dogs and they were all filled up since that morning.

What a crock of bull s**t.

It was 10PM and my husband was exhausted. I immediately called customer service and they confirmed the receptionist was wrong in what she had done to us.  There was no such thing as 6 dog rooms. I told customer service it had to do with my skin not being the right color.  This was the south, after all.

Needless to say, customer service refunded my money and gave Nick and I a suite of rooms in the next town over, Wilson NC for a drastically reduced price.  It was only another 15 minute drive away and we should have booked it there in the first place.

Doesn’t matter. We have our RV back and truthfully, I don’t think we’ll ever stay in any hotel ever again.  A Wal Mart parking lot is better than any hotel mistreatment.

Live and will we ever learn?


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