Time To Say Goodbye

It’s time for us to bid farewell to our short-lived life in Florida. What started out so promising turned into a veritable nightmare. Who’d a thunk? There’s always that Factor X in almost everything you plan and do.  There isn’t  even a person to tell us “I told you so!” Because what happened to us wasn’t in anyone’s playbook. It was an X Factor, for sure.

The fact that the sale of our condo went so smoothly and so swiftly was, as everyone so far has put it, a message from God that it was time for us to move on. Our money was sitting in lost opportunities and was making no one healthier, wealthier or wiser.  I’ve always had my money work for me rather than the other way around. The proceeds from the condo sale, once reinvested the way I want it to be invested will net Nick and I another passive income stream to our retirement coffers. It will also give us the much needed resources to continue traveling in the comfort and style we prefer.

I’ve made much of my wealth from real estate. I don’t think, however, my path to riches can be done in our current economy.  The broker we employed for our current real estate sale, is a real honest-to-goodness straight shooter who has no qualms telling you to your face where’s it’s at. “You only come to Florida to keep warm” he starts off. “There’s no such thing as ‘investment’. The constant new construction degrades your home value with each passing year. Sell now Cindi, while your condo is still brand new. Otherwise you’re just kicking the can down the road”

God always sends a human to represent Him. Our agent was that human.

The hardest part was saying goodbye to my siblings, especially my brother. He’s the oldest and I don’t know when I’ll see him again. My SIL promises a family reunion this summer at their home in New Jersey. My sister promises to come camping with us up in Lake Placid.  In the interim, I’ve been booking campsites at all the places I had promised myself to be.  We’re spending Easter time at St. Mary’s in Georgia. I’ve already booked a week in Lake Placid, two weeks on the beach in Newport Rhode Island this summer, a few days at Arcadia National Park in Maine afterwards and if all goes well, I think we will be in Arizona for three months next winter (I’ll finally get to see the Grand Canyon!)

Here’s a little (shaky) video I made of the last time my family and I were together in Florida. We went out for a nice lunch at our fave restaurant right on the shore line of Sarasota Bay.  Afterwards, we like to sit and watch the boats go by.  We ended the evening having dessert at the condo.  The hardest thing for me was kissing my brother goodbye. God please watch over him and please keep my family well.



  1. Wow! I’ve been out of the loop and just found your new blog. What happened in Florida? You seemed so happy (and warm) in Florida with your photography and you had decorated your condo so nicely!! Must have been a doozy for you to make such a change.


    • Hi Florence. It was a multi family building and some of the family who lived below me didn’t lead such a healthy lifestyle. I’ll leave it at that. It was a painful decision to sell. I sold it with ALL the furniture. I made a nice profit. Florida living is not conducive to healthy living desipite what they tell you. The air quality is terrible. Time to look for a better and healthier retirement community. In another wArm state. Live and learn.


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