The #1 Benefit Of My Retirement

I’d have to say, hands down, that the Number One benefit I am enjoying in my retirement is “time”.  I’m not tied down to a single thing.  I can come and go as I please. I can make appointments and change them on a single notice if something better comes along.

Thats what DH and I have been constantly doing.  We keep changing our plans. I’m constantly making appointments and reservations and then changing them the next day. Whew! It’s exhausting!

We’ve extended our Florida stay yet once again. That meant I had to cancel a whole chain of events. If places weren’t so busy I’d never make a reservation anywhere. I’d just travel by the seat of my pants. But that’s what’s so great about being a bohemian retiree: I have the privilege of doing whatever it is I please.  I follow the sun..

Yesterday I got my hair cut, got a manicure and a pedicure. Today I’m getting a massage.  I’m not too concerned with cost (however I did get everything at a very good price) It is what it is and I’m worth it.  The Board President invited DH and I out to dinner tonight and after careful thought, we accepted.  Nick and I are free agents now and have nothing more to fear. Better to leave behind a trail of friends than bad feelings.

I just wish we can get on with it.

And we will.


  1. Some days I feel like I have too much time on my hands, and other days, not enough! Ha! But I am finally adjusting to this retirement gig. Took four years!


    • Better late than never! My hubby’s only retired a few days and he keeps raving about the relaxation of time. Not everyone can relax. Lol. Thanks for your comment.


  2. I too find The freedom of choice of how you spend your time one of the great rewards. I also like the fact that obtaining the financial means to follow your dreams, eat the healthiest food, pamper yourself without guilt, turn over the boring chores to someone else, and not be so obsessed with a strict budget- great blessings of Thrifty living in our younger lives so we can live well now. sincerely Lara


    • I’m liking the eating the healthiest the good part. So blessed. I’m also liking the stress free part.
      Thanks for reminding me.


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