Spring Break.

Most of Florida is jam packed right now. Our closing date is a week from this Monday so we know our time here is severely limited. Nick and I decided to pretend we were tourists and utilize our condo as the resort-styled community it advertises itself to be. This is working out fine for us since the traffic outside this gated neighborhood is horrendous. Going to the beach is totally out of the question.

Neither one of us wants to cook anymore. We don’t want to clean the kitchen either. So every day we’ve been shopping at the organic supermarket, Earth Fare and buying their super fresh, hot cooked meals. Delish. Weeks of extremely healthy eating really makes a difference in your health. We’ve been having organic salmon, brown rice, tons of veggies, mouth watering fruits and sipping probiotic drinks………I wish we would have thought of this sooner.  Yes, it’s expensive BUT we’re on vacation and I think it’s all worth it.  By next week, Nick and I will be up a quarter mill. (I’m not boasting. I know our good fortune is only due to the favor of God). I think living well will just become our brand new modus operandus.

The two main pools here are just filled to the brim with grandparents, adult children and grandchildren. I can understand why now people insist on the over 55 crowd.  Thank goodness the resort has seven more satellite pools to go.  We found a nice, hidden pool gem, with only one or two people in it and that’s where we’ve been hanging since. We did make a pit stop at the Tiki Bar for a cool, frozen pina colada.  As I said, were playing ‘tourist’ to the hilt!

In a way, I’m glad we’re ‘going out’ in this style. It makes me realize we made the right decision to sell.  Once the transfer is completed, a whole new world will open up for us.  We’ve been mostly planning where we want to go next and how our money will work for us now and make it all happen.

Live well my friend and prosper.  Live well.

Just floating my life away!


  1. Hi Cindi, Happy Spring Break. Nice to vacation and forego the cooking and cleaning, too. I totally love how you frame things. Is this your April fools post? Don’t mean to rain on your parade but:
    You paid cash for your condo and the furniture and sounds like after the sale you will have a nice profit, but the invested money was already part of your net worth. It just wasn’t part of your easily assessible assets. So the extra ~$50,000 gain which is before subtracting the cost of additional living expenses while having two places, and travel cost along with your original money makes that much difference in your lifestyle choices and Nick’s ability to totally retire! Treasury notes @ three percent is $7500 a year and your down Nick’s income how is this math working? I would love to see your new budget figures. Sincerely. Lara


    • Nick will be collecting social security in a few months. Between both our SS and his Disney pension, new interest earned on new ROTH IRAs, CD, and now Treasury Bonds and no more debt, Nick and I will have more than enough
      Money. In fact, we’ll be rolling in it. Nick still intends to work a few days per year and that’ll bring him the extra cash he needs for his car remodel hobby in his barn.
      When I get back to my real computer Nick and I will be sitting down and going through everything. It’s hard to work on my iPhone or iPad. Not having the condo increases our bottom line by at least $11,000. And it’s so cheap where we live in upstate NY. We’re also rethinking our car priorities and our type of RVing. When I finalize the figures, I’ll share.
      We can’t make any mistakes this time around. We have to carefully think, plan and analyze our expenditures now.
      Thanks, as always, for your comment.


  2. I am so so happy for you. Its been a long stressful financial mountain to climb and with the heart problems I think you made the right decision to let go of the Florida condo. Wow, $11,000 dollars to have the Florida condo, I thought it ran a lot less, $11,000 will go along way RV camping across the US. There is a possibility at the end of the month I will be in Kingston, NY pursuing genealogy research. Plan on visiting the Dutch Church and going to the museum. George DeWitt Clinton was an ancestor and a lot of other ancestors rest in the graveyard too. Do you have any idea when the red tulips are in full bloom at the church? What’s the name of that restaurant you like there? Any chance you will be in the area to meet for lunch? Sincerely, Lara


    • Lara I will absolutely meet you for lunch. Send me a private email later on this week and we can coordinate. There are several restaurants in downtown Kingston that I love and are very reasonable.
      The exact figure to maintain the condo and pay taxes, insurance , HOA and CDD fees, electricity and internet was $10,300 a year. Ridiculous with costs rising practically daily. I just met a couple who rented for 3 months: Jan feb and March: they paid $4,000 a month! $12,000 plus fees and 18% rental tax. Preposterous!
      We’re so happy this albatross is over!


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