Happy Easter

My lasagna!

Just as our Lord has risen and a new era had begun, so too has a new era begun for us on this day.  Nick and I are preparing Easter dinner for my sister, BIL, long time best friend and her teenage daughter. On the menu is my world famous lasagna, prime rib, roasted potatoes and sautéed Brussels Sprouts with asparagus.  For dessert, organic blueberry crumble pie.  Yum.

Tomorrow we load up the uHaul and bright and early the very next day we will be leaving Florida.  Probably forever. I don’t think we will ever return.

Our minds are filled with new ideas, new adventures, new investments, new hopes and new desires.  We can barely sit still.  Rather than think of this life episode as an end, we’re excited to think of it as a new beginning.  With the profits we’re going to fix up our main house a bit, travel to places we couldn’t afford before and buy a few luxuries we had sacrificed without. It’s all good.

We changed our travel plans yet once again.  Everything has been pushed back a few weeks because we couldn’t get all our stuff in the RV. Thus the uHaul. We’ll have to make a double trip and you know what? It’s fine. We’re retired. Time isn’t a problem anymore. No deadline need apply.

It’s all good.



  1. You go Girl. I have learned Never say Never especially when it comes to places where there is still family. Your love for them could bring you back for a visit. Have a safe trip home. Did you price out the Pod delivery system or shipping some of the stuff. My brother had great success with it and the price was right. Lot less hassle and less tiring. After all you are rolling in the dough! Sincerely,Lara


    • We’re doing the uHaul thing for now. We don’t have a lot of stuff. However nick is seriously thinking of hiring someone else to bring back the RV. We’re tired. Lol!


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