On The Road Again.

Greetings. Long story short. Been on the road for the past three days. Supposed to pick up our RV but  a certain someone couldn’t help us with the move, so we had to do it ourselves. That meant renting a smallish uHaul and transporting our personal property back to New York (instead of storing our personal stuff in the RV and taking a fun trip to Georgia).

We made up on the disappointment by taking the scenic route home, rather than the congested, boring I-95 up the East Coast. We drove along the Blue Ridge Mountain Highway in Virginia with its amazing scenic views, passed through Amish Country in Pennsylvania where we stopped for a delishous, authentic Dutch meal, stayed in our usual hotel that accepts pets, drove through Hershey PA and got to look at some sprawling farmland.

We’re exhausted. Going to take us some time to unwind and get back into our normal routines. Two of Nick’s friends offered to drive back to Florida and bring our RV baby back home to us. I think we are going to take them up on their offer. All they want is to be reimbursed for gas and food. Sounds like a good deal to me! I don’t think Nick and I will be traveling anytime soon. Then again, you just never know.

farm land
some of that sprawling farmland captured at 70MPH.


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