Farm to Table Eating

One of the best things about living in The Hudson Valley is that we can get great food! Anything from local dairy, poultry, meats, fruits and vegetables to fresh-baked organic bread is nary a few miles away. Throw in some beer breweries and wineries and as far as I am concerned (food wise) this place is a foodies paradise!

As many local farms that are here, are just as many restaurants. You won’t find any fast food joints in The Hudson Valley. These people take their good food seriously! It also helps the area that The Culinary Institute of America (click here) sits proudly facing The Hudson River high atop a hill located in Hyde Park, NY (yes! Home to FDR!) Lots of top quality chefs roam the area always on the hunt for a new restaurant location.


DH and I have our most fave eatery, Bread Alone.  Owner, Danielle Leader has been baking organic breads in wood-fired, brick ovens up in the Catskill Mountains since 1983 (click here). A chef by training, Dan learned to bake naturally fermented, artisan breads touring bakeries in Paris. Dan wanted to bring this pure, honest craft to his home and community. Leader has several locations throughout the area now and is adamantly committed to his craft AND all his loyal customers! DH and I have been buying our bread (as well as other meals) from Bread Alone since 1994. We always stopped in to the Woodstock location when we would go to our cabin up in the Catskill Mountains.

Nick and I probably now have a great meal (breakfast is amazing!) at least once a week. I wish we could go every day! Baguettes are still only $2.50. Menu choices (click here) are still reasonably priced (they cater to the college student’s wallet here). Any time we need a cure all or a quick pick-me-up, Bread Alone never fails to deliver.

Our recent lunch:

best grilled cheese ever!
Tuscan Bean soup with tons of veggies!



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