Pillow Fight

DH and I are in the middle of a redecorating challenge. As we are putting in a new wood laminate floor in our master bedroom, we also decided to spruce up other parts of our 1120 sq. ft home.  Many of the things we wanted to do have been neglected for the past 17 years since we first moved in. You know. Those kinds of things that really aren’t on the top of your list BUT you want to get them done anyway. Eventually.

Like replacing the pillows your couch came with. Deep down in your soul you know those original pillows didn’t go. They’re not interior decorating design material like the couch is. Where, when and why did the manufacturer go off the design trail? The couch is good but those pillows!

It was never the top thing on our priority list because we had much more pressing things to accomplish than replace those silly pillows. Well, here we are, fifteen years into that couch and now, it’s time to do an update. Buying a new couch is totally out of the question. The way around buying a new couch is to update and modernize those pillows!

But I don’t rule the house solely anymore. You-know-who is recently retired and now has to get involved in most everything that has to do with this house we share. And naturally, of course, he and I have completely different styles and designs. The decorating was tolerable pre-retirement because hubby was never home and I did whatever I wanted to. And why not? As I said, hubs was never home, rarely used the living room and just made a bee line from the side door, to the kitchen table (to eat dinner) and then slither in to the bedroom whereupon he collapsed into a dreamy Sears posturepedic bed. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Our living room has traces of blue in it. My first thought for couch pillows was to pick up the blue. Throw some color into the darn, boring room once and for all. So, I came up with this selection, pictured below. Be forewarned, new pillows are very, very expensive! Usually, when I had my sewing machine, I would make my own pillows. This time around, however, I wanted designer, decorator pillows.

blue pillows

Needless, to say, DH hated these pillows and ordered them back to the store. Only this time, he was going to come with me and he was going to pick out the pillows. What he came up with were boring brown/tan canvas pillows. Again, no color.

Since I did NOT want to fight or argue with DH over friggin’ pillows, I decided to keep his boring brown/tan canvas pillows (at least they were Tommy Hilfiger) BUT I found a designer, hand made pillow that just screamed of color and added my choice in with his mix.


final pillows


He’s happy. I’m happy. And still to this day, no one sits in the living room anyway. We keep it neat, clean and tidy for when unexpected or family quests come over. Only, sad to say, no one really comes over any more. But at least I can check off the pillows from my decorating bucket list. Total cost: $76.54 ouch!

We had to replace a table under our Italian, golden living room mirror because stupid me, brought that piece of furniture to our Florida condo whereby it was sold!  I was going to replace it with a liquor cabinet but realized the heating system would be blocked. So, I came up with a sort of sofa table. This time, DH and I picked one out together, at Home Goods, for only $99 ($108 with tax). We both love it! And I think it looks great. Our living room looks much better now. Le sigh.

Stay tuned for before and after pics of our master bedroom. It’s going to be HUGE!




  1. Hi, Cindi, what drab pillows Nick picked, at least the one you picked is snazzy and bold. FYI, wayfair has some awesome pillows and last year I picked up bold pillows from Bed Bath and Beyond’s spring collection. Bed, Bath and Beyond accept expired dated coupons, so I never throw them away.
    I solved compromise with my DH by giving him the final say on the Family room and I had it for the living room. Love the sofa table. Single now I can do bold colors or floral or mix patterns till my heart’s content and my artistic side is satisfied.
    I am a bohemian too. Unconventional, artistic, and an out of the box thinker. I will hopefully get caught up on tasks that need my immediate attention and will send you my thoughts on cash flow later tonight. Sincerely, Lara


    • HI Lara. Nick is as boring as he is tall. But I still love him anyway LOL. I’m going to check out Wayfair. I heard good things about them. DH now has his barn and he has been busy fixing it up to the way he likes. Putting in more electrical outlets, heat, shelving. That’s going to be his new ‘man cave play pen’ from here on in. Out of my hair! He’s taking our old recliners with him.
      I await for your next comment. Cheers!


  2. Great compromise. In the future, you might try buying just the pillow covers. You could get some of those to change out seasonally. Love the pillow you selected.


    • Thanks mommy hon. I like the fact that we compromised. Pillows have the power of changing the decor. Thanks for your comment.


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