Let The Spring Cleaning Begin!

Now that DH and I have decided our NY property will be our forever retirement home, we have been busy getting our house in order. First up: the purge! We are getting rid of all the stuff we have accumulated here over the past 17 years that we no longer need nor want! Some of the stuff we have taken to Goodwill. Some stuff we sold (like three bikes!) Some of the stuff we just gave away. And some of the stuff we had to pay someone to haul away!

got junk
the view from my window

1-800-GOT-JUNK’s advertisements are true! You just make a phone call, they immediately come over and you just point to what you want removed and they do all the work. That’s DH with the cap on, telling the two men what to haul out of our basement and barn. It was as painless as possible. The bill only came to $211 (a slight ouch) but look at the results:

open shelving
I haven’t seen these basement back walls in 17 years!

Our basement is almost entirely cleaned out and Nick’s barn is coming up to a close second. Next up is our new bedroom laminate wood flooring ($600 est). We’re off tomorrow to purchase a new wood floor from Lumber Liquidators. There are only two more days left for their 30% off entire store inventory sale. The new flooring will have to remain inside our home, still in boxes, till they acclimate to the interior temperature for at least a week. Then the installation process begins!



While we wait, we have to tackle several fallen trees on our property from all the winter storms. Ugh. What a mess. What a lot of work! Thank goodness we have hired a crew to do all the work for us ($500). Ka ching! But so worth it. Once this is done, we’ve retained a company to power wash the exterior ($325). That’s 17 years of gunk that needs to be gone!

I’ll keep you posted.

And so our retirement beginnings continue onward.


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