Pillow Fight. Part Two. I win.

A few weeks ago, DH and I were arguing over what kind of new pillows we should get to spruce up our couch. DH’s choice was boring. I wanted color but I foolishly settled on boring (so as not to argue any further) To check out the discussion and look at the results, click here.

Well, after a week or two, I just couldn’t stand the ‘boring’ anymore. I wanted color. I wanted jazz. I wanted my living room and sectional to pop! So I brought every single throw pillow back to Home Goods for credit and for the third (and last) time, I was determined to find my new pillows! This time, however, I brought along some pics of my living room, the sectional couch and the art work hanging on my wall. Two of my favored, treasured art pieces are these lithographs I bought in 1978 from the famed Bolivian artist, Graciela Rodo Boulanger. I wanted to match the joy AND the color from these art pieces in my living room.

This is the result (and I love it!)

final pillows.jpg

FYI: I paid $90 each for the Boulanger signed lithographs back in 1978 which for me, at that time, was a lot of money. But I just loved them so much. Today, if I wanted to buy these same lithographs, the cost would be $2,700 each! Yes, I have a good eye.

As for the toss pillows, I spent $110 total, which again, is a lot of money for me BUT the room just looks so good now. The color pops as soon as you walk in. The room has that ‘wow’ factor I was looking for.

Three times a charm!



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