The One Bad Thing About Going To RV Shows

Hubby and I love to go to RV shows. Doesn’t matter that we already have the RV of our dreams. We find that it’s fun to look at RVs, see what’s new, what new innovations have come to the sport. There is, at times, however, one thing bad with going to RV shows. Sometimes you see a new model and you fall in love with the recent technological advances and how it could enhance your future traveling days. Then, you see the price tag and come back to Mother Earth.

The newest trends today are the vans. Boomers are ditching their 5th wheels and motor coaches for some of these bad boys. Tall, sleek, super luxurious, easy to drive, park and boondocks but then again, it’s that price tag: $100,000 and counting that changes many a mind.

We can dream, can’t we? Doesn’t cost much to dream.

rv.jpg - 5
We started out with a pop-up
rv.jpg - 6
then moved to a travel trailer such as these
rv.jpg - 3
some of those new fandangle luxury vans
rv.jpg - 4
look at this interior!
rv.jpg - 11
new model: the B+
rv.jpg - 7
roomy interior
rv.jpg - 9
great kitchen area
rv.jpg - 10
till you look at the price





  1. The van is our dream mobile. They are really expensive, but we are looking at two or three years from now. The man down the street has a MinnieWinnie for sale for $28,000.He treats his vehicles like gold. Tempting….. We cannot see ourselves hauling a car behind to get around town.


    • Hi Janette. Good luck. They’re awesome! And yes, they are very expensive. I can’t see hauling a small car around either. But in the land of RVing, there’s something for everybody.


  2. Oh, I am an old camper from childhood days. I really miss it. Love the idea of setting up house in a remote place. We had a pop-up camper when I was little, and it had only two beds and a kind of cabinet in-between. Very primitive. I think I could be very content having a pop-up again. Just seeing your photos makes me want to investigate them! But my Prince Charming is all about the creature comforts of home.

    I can see why that price tag would discourage you or anyone from updating very frequently. But it is fun to window shop!


    • Hi mommy. Yup, it sure was fun window shopping and dreaming. Best part was meeting other people who were also dreaming. Talks about going to Alaska or going out west. Nice.
      I rented our pop up camper for two months in a summer. My cost was $500. Can you believe that? I have a video of the first morning when my husband woke up. All he could say was ‘How could you have done this to me?” He missed his creature comforts something awful. So funny! Now, today, he’s a good camper and we do have our share of comforts: full bathroom, hot shower, a/c, heat, fridge & freezer, convection oven/microwave, flat screen TV, WiFi, electric slideouts and stereo sound system throughout and in. Jeepers. I mean really? That’s camping? LOL!


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