Road Trip Interrupted

With massive thunderstorms racing across the northeast corridor, DH and I decided to cut our road trip short by a week. Driving was very difficult, as we were towing a trailer. Visibility on the road, through the heavy rain was very limited also. Plus, to make matters worse, as we were making our way up to The Poconos Mountains, the RV resort we had booked called to say that the storms had wiped out their premises. They had no electricity, no water service and some of the out buildings had collapsed in the wind storms. Rain is expected to continue for another few days, so realistically, I don’t think DH and I had much of a choice. It was time to head back home.


The main reason for our road trip was to drive back to Florida to pick up our RV. My friend had been storing it for us since September 2017. We couldn’t bring it back to New York after we sold our condo in April 2018 because we had to lug a uHaul (with many of our possessions in it) instead.

It took us two days to drive down to Ocala, Florida, with each night our staying in a hotel (which I despise!). Because we have a dog traveling with us, our hotel accommodations are limited. There’s always a hidden extra fee for the dog AND they usually give you a crappy room (literally). In any event, it’s not a pleasant experience. Once we got the RV off my friends property, DH and I decided to take a slow ride back up to New York and stop at some of the many sights we always wanted to visit. The main site being along the Atlantic Ocean coastline in Georgia. Our last stop was supposed to be The Pocono Mountains. Along the way we spent some time in North Carolina and Virginia.


Except for the horrible weather at the end of our trip, all-in-all, it was a pleasant experience. This was our 2nd road trip with the trailer/camper. Last trip we spent a week in Tennessee. The camper is just the right size for all of us (dog included). The kitchen worked out fine, as did the bathroom. The short queen-sized bed was comfy (except DH has to remove his socks before he gets into bed! Otherwise he brings a lot of dirt into the bed! Annoying!). All the campsites were dusty. We wore slippers inside the camper and left our shoes outside. I swept a lot. DH brought the mini-vac and it came in handy!

Our camper is smallish (17 feet, with one slide out) so you have to be neat. Everything has it’s place and everything MUST be stowed away. Otherwise the unit become too cluttered. We ate all our meals either inside our car while traveling or at the camper, except for two. One meal was on-the-road while driving down to Ocala (DH and I wanted a good, hot meal). The other meal was Chinese delivery (yes!) when we checked into Virginia. We were just too exhausted to cook.

Here’s a run down of our costs. First off, we had thought about hiring someone to retrieve our RV. The lowest quote we got was $1200. With that kind of spending money, DH and I decided to drive down and get the RV ourselves and combine the trip with a vacation. We had originally planned on two weeks. We were only gone one week. I don’t include food in our vacation budget because no matter where we are in the world, we’re eating three meals a day. Only when we eat out in a restaurant do I include those amounts in our travel budget.

Gas/Fuel   $550 (we drove over 2600 miles roundtrip)

North Carolina hotel   $116.40

Ocala Hotel  $75.93 (I used our hotel points to get this cost down)

2 vacay meals out  $52

2 nites St. Mary’s GA RV resort  $62.60

1 nite North Carolina RV  $44.92

2 nites VA/Washington DC RV  $99.24

TOTAL COST $1001.09

  • Note: We prefer to stay in RV parks with full hookup (water, sewer, electricity, WiFi and cable TV) We also like pull-through sites (so DH doesn’t have to dismantle the rig if he doesn’t want to). We know we have to pay top dollar for this vs staying at a state park or a Wal Mart. Our costs per night run between $40 to $50 a night. At the end of the day, I like a very hot shower. We also like to lay in bed at night and watch television. I also like to use the WiFi for my blogging and research. We like the sewer service because who the heck wants to go to a dump station! Let’s get real here! I like the electricity because I use our microwave A LOT! plus I like fresh brewed coffee in the morning and toast! And if it gets hot and humid, we can turn our A/c on.
  • Yes, we could boondock (no facilities) and our water heater, fridge, grill and heating system can run on propane but I feel as if we are sacrificing enough already by camping. The facilities are there to make us more comfortable, and for $50 (max) what’s the big deal? Life is to be enjoyed. And who scoffs at a heated pool or a hot tub anyway?


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