Paying Cash Really Changes Your Spending

Dave Ramsey chants about it all the time. Studies have been done. The facts have been proven. When you pay cash for things, your whole spending demeanor changes. Case in point: DH and I went out for an authentic Greek dinner the other day. I knew how much cash I had in my pocket so I knew my limitations.

Rather than order a complete dinner for $12 (I had a hankering for spanakopita, Greek spinach pie) which included the spinach pie, a Greek salad and rice pilaf, I calculated it was cheaper for me to order a’la carte. I had a small Greek salad for $4 and ordered the spinach pie as an appetizer for $5 which resulted in me only spending $9 instead of $12. I really didn’t want any rice pilaf! Now, I do NOT consider that I saved myself $3. I just consider that I spent $3 less than I would have had I used a charge card.

Isn’t that amazing?

paying cash.jpg - 1
Greek salad w feta cheese
paying cash.jpg - 2
spinach pie in a new shape

Ditto for this morning. DH and I were up early because he had to drop his car off in town for some repair service at 7:30AM. Normally, we would have treated ourselves to croissants at our local bakery who charges $3.50 per croissant. Meanwhile, another favorite bakery of ours is only 7 minutes away and charges $1.75 each. We got in the car and drove the 7 minutes and bought four croissants for $7 vs $14. We didn’t save seven  dollars. We spent seven dollars ($7.00) LESS than we had to. While at the less expensive bakery (which also sits smack dab in the middle of a fruit and vegetable stand, I bought 4 amazing-looking artichokes @.79 cents each (for stuffing later on this weekend. YUM!), a container of organic spring mix for an authentic Greek salad we plan on making this holiday weekend and a can of Greek imported stuffed grape leaves. Opa!

By driving the silly seven minutes, DH and I were able to buy MORE with the same $14 it would have cost us for the very expensive, local croissants.

And that, my dear friends, is the true value of paying cash for mostly everything rather than whipping out that charge card.

Live and learn.

paying cash.jpg - 3
don’t these look divine! and so buttery flaky!
paying cash.jpg - 5
perfect imported artichokes!
paying cash.jpg - 4
the staff busy loading up the bins at 7:30 AM

Side Note: Aldi is selling frozen spanakopita next week for only $3.89 per box of 12. Guess who’ll be stocking up big time? Yup. Me! Yours truly. Love that stuff!


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