Last Day To Wrap Up To-Do List. Tomorrow Starts Summer.

I have a self-made set rule around here. Hubby and I start our spring off with a to-do list of all the things we need to do and accomplish around the house. These ‘chores’ however, must be completed before Memorial Day. Once the summer starts, we want to enjoy it. NOT be laden down with any more things-to-do.

So, today will be our mad rush to get the last things on our to-do list done. For me, I have to touch up the bare spots on our recently painted deck (last year). That’s because the power washer we hired this year to clean the exterior of our home inadvertently thought he was doing us a favor by power washing our back deck. No one asked him to do this. He just did it. And with that, he blew off blobs of paint thus exposing the raw wood underneath AND getting them soaked with water. UGH!

The last thing DH has to do is weed-spray the 250 foot long driveway and kill off all the weeds that somehow like to grow up through the gravel on our driveway. It’s a painstaking job but one that shows great, long lasting, all summer results once completed.

flowersStarting tomorrow, our summer begins and we get to enjoy all the fruits of our spring labor. We did extensive landscaping and tree cutting this spring. We had the exterior side of our home washed. The exterior windows professionally cleaned. DH did the interiors AND cleaned all the screens. We’ve installed a permanent generator to our electrical system so that next time our power goes out (which is quite often) DH no longer has to lug out our 600 pound generator and we’ll never see a gap in our electric service ever again. We removed the 17 year old carpet out of our bedroom and replaced it with a new laminate wood floor. We remodeled our master bedroom with a new, more modern decor. We wrapped up the de-cluttering on our basement and barn. We had all our important, but old documents professionally shredded. We cleaned and scrubbed every single interior inch of our home. We spruced up our living room with a new area rug and matching throw pillows for the couch.

And now I’ll be paint-patching up our deck and DH will wrap up the long driveway appearance.

Starting tomorrow, DH and I will be spending a lovely day on our deck while grilling up some steaks on our recently revamped BBQ (new stainless steel replacement burner) and sipping some fruity Argentina sangria I bought a few weeks ago, on sale!

Stick a fork in us. We’re done!

Side Note: I’m already working on next spring’s to-do list. Our kitchen needs repainting (same color) and the stairway up to the second floor can use another coat of paint. LOL! I think the floor boards on our deck should be replaced with TRAX. Oh, and I think it’s finally time to address the hostas under the front windows. The flower beds need a bit of revamping. Here’s a photo I’m saving for next year’s idea box:

Mulching around the Bushes
here’s next year’s goal for our front flower beds


  1. Hi Cindi, I really, really wish I could be done with projects now, but there is a reason it ain’t gonna happen. Two tornadoes came through my town ten days ago and the destruction had my area declared a federal disaster. Luckily none of the seven- hundred plus foot uprooted trees or thirty other trees broken in half hit my house on my land. My neighbor on the one side didn’t even have a branch broken! Cleared the debris from my driveway and lawn and the tree guys were out while I was babysitting my Grandson. Came home yesterday and found out they didn’t do the entire job to remove all of the trunks. So now I have to withhold payment and get them back!Ugh! Lara


    • Hi Lara. That’s why we started taking the trees around our house down now rather than wait for another storm. It’s becoming quite dangerous as this weather has been crazy lately. I feel your pain. And the tree guys charge so much money to take down trees. It’s insane.
      Good luck with the clearance. If your area was declared a federal disaster will the govt be paying for the tree work?


  2. This spring it was about getting the raspberries going, splitting iris and getting ahold of contractors for our master bath. Since the contractors never came through, next spring will be the master bath!
    Good job at checking off your list!


    • Thanks bowen. Today is the first day of our relaxing summer. No chores! And it feels good.
      Thanks for your comment.


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