Epic Fail On Day Two Of My Cash Only Basis

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Only two days in to my cash-only basis, new spending plan and I failed miserably. I started out with good intentions, but things came up.

First off, DH and I had watched this adorable, romantic comedy called ‘The Ramen Girl on Hulu about a woman abandoned by her boyfriend in Japan. She clung to a Japanese family who owned a Ramen noodle restaurant and was determined to learn how to master the art of Ramen noodle soup and then open up her own shop in NYC.

Ramen soup is a very precious, religious thing. The broth has to be just right and you cook with your spirit, not your brain. Anyway, DH and I got the urge for finding a great noodle house and having a big bowl of Ramen noodle soup. As far as we knew, the closest one was in Manhattan, over 100 miles away from us.

As luck would have it, we accidentally passed an Asian-inspired noodle restaurant at our shopping complex the other day and after some research I found out there was a Ramen noodle kitchen in the next town over from us that had recently opened up in November! The restaurant served up authentic Ramen noodle bowls (as well as other choices) and before you could say ‘sayonara’ Nick and I were there and in under an hour we ate up $42 worth of Japanese delights. All charged to my charge card. Oh well.

Interior of the restaurant, as smooth and as sleek as NYC
beef broth with Udon noodles and braised pork. amazing!

ALD_SocialShareIcon_v3Next up, my youngest daughter calls me and tells me we can get tickets to see the NYC Broadway production of Disney’s Aladdin for only $75.50 per ticket! Note, she forgot to mention (or didn’t know) that each ticket had a $28 handling fee! Rip-off. Nonetheless, yours truly bought 5 tickets for DH and myself, youngest daughter and her spouse and the star of the evening, my granddaughter….all for $521, on my charge card, of course! To be fair, my youngest daughter will reimburse me for herself and hubby. In any event, this is going to be a wonderful afternoon, out on the town, with my besties and my most precious granddaughter, so no amount of money is worth mentioning. Priceless, is more like it AND I was glad I had the resources to jump on this great opportunity.


Lastly, something was off in my new master bedroom decorating attempt. The second recliner just wasn’t working out for me because it just didn’t fit. I missed my old love seat because realistically I can’t sit in a recliner for too long. I prefer lying down while I either watch TV or read a book. What I really longed for was my old, 1994 beat-up love seat/couch but I knew it was improbable. What I really needed was a new, more modern love seat but alas, I technically ran out of decorating money.

Not to worry, Wayfair.com sent me their Memorial Day sales bonanza eBlast and guess what? They had the perfect settee, on a closeout deal, marked down from $1299 (yes, you read that number right) for only $250 (yes, you read that number right too). I had a choice of colors. The settee would be perfect. We could use the extra recliner in the living room, since DH liked to watch his own shows in that room and there was no recliner, so boom! I charged up the settee on my card and yes! I felt sick over it because yes! I failed my own cash-only challenge. (but my bedroom is going to look divine!)


As Scarlett O’Hara used to say: tomorrow is another day. I’ll try again tomorrow to keep my charge cards at bay. I don’t regret a single thing I’ve done. I just have to find a balance between using cash and using my charge cards. I’ll be able to pay off these charges, in full, at the end of the current billing cycle, so that’s fine. I just hope this is the end of it.

To be fair, I did pay cash for a lot of other things, such as groceries, gas, little odds and ends, some gardening supplies and another restaurant meal out. It’s going to take a while to change my mind-set. I’m finding it difficult to break away from the mental credit card syndrome. In the interim……..

Live well and prosper, my friend. Live well and prosper.



  1. Oh no! And you were doing so well…. I’ve been there and done that, so no judgment there However, having my husband enjoy an early retirement is on the forefront, as well as fun trips for us. No more frivolous spending for me.


    • Hi Sharon. How have you been? I miss you!
      Yeah, I didn’t do so well yesterday, spending wise. But tomorrow is another day and I’ll try harder. I’ll get there.
      Thanks, as always for your comment.
      Is your husband retiring soon? What fun trip will you be going on? Share…….


      • Hi Cindi – I’m officially ‘retired’ from my part time job now. Joe has another 7 years before retirement. We’ve been enjoying our cruising experiences, but alas, we have to slow down because our home is requiring some maintenance. Third daughter graduated from college, 5th grandchild expected in June/July. CRAZY. I deleted my blog! BUT, I’m looking to start a new one – new focus — countdown financially to retirement — I’ll let you know how it goes. You sound busy as well! I enjoy following your posts!


      • Hi Sharon. Great to hear from you. I thought you took down your blog. Please let me know when you have a new one.
        FIVE GRANDCHILDREN? What the heck do you guys drink over there? LOL. That is so amazing and so wonderful! WOW!
        Glad you are retired. Nick is finally retired too. He hasn’t worked in four whole weeks! Imagine that. And he says he likes it! Who’d a thunk?
        Always stay in touch, OK? Hugs!


  2. I loved this post. It describes me to a T. I’m frugal, til I’m not. Loved, loved, loved the picture of the love seat for your bedroom.


    • Hi Anne. Thanks. It’s going to look great. It’s perfect. Especially the tall back. Can’t wait! I’ll post pictures when done.


  3. Let me chime in too. I miss your blog too Sharon. I hope you start soon your countdown Financially to Retirement blog. I enjoyed reading your reasons for changing your financial focus to enjoy life sooner then later. I have recently enjoyed reading The Retirement Manifesto tracking Fritz’s count down to retirement .
    After practicing twenty years in early retirement, hitting 65 in February meant I Am now a regular old retiree with Medicare and eligible for all of the senior discounts! Should I start talking about my recent illness and when my body aches! Ha ha! Lara

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