Summer Planning

Now that most of our spring clean-up chores are done, it’s time for us to plan our summer fun things to do. I’ve got a plethora of day trips to fill in our time when we don’t have any planned activities (such as camping weeks). Here’s a bunch of day trips (under a two-hour drive each way) I’m hoping to get in this summer:

  1. Woodstock, NY (I love spending a day in Woodstock. Plus there’s a famous lake to swim in)
  2. Lake George, NY (great little town to explore, lots of public parks to have a picnic)
  3. The Hamptons, NY (5 hr drive, visit friends and park our RV in their driveway)
  4. Albany, NY (capital city of NY, lots of architecture and art galleries/museums)
  5. Hunter Mt, NY (lots of festivals, especially Germanfest!)

There’s a reason why most people love New York. There’s so much to see and do. Locally, our town has a free concert almost every Wednesday, starting June 6th. A new thing they’ve added this year are free movies under the stars. I’ve already marked my calendar to see Coco (my granddaughter’s fave movie). New York also has a bunch of free wine vinyard tours (provided you buy wine at the end of the tour, of course!)

One of our main goals this summer is DH and I will be on the lookout to find an almost-free campground we can bring our RV to. Most commercial RV locations charge $40 to $50 per night for a full hookup. The state parks, however, only charge $20 BUT (and there’s that ‘BUT’) some of them only provide free water (which you have to fill and lug up to your campsite yourself), some have free electric and some have a free dump station. And some have a per service event charge (like a $15 dump charge). If we can locate a state park that is quiet, serene, has a nice view and maybe has a swimming lake, we may just bite the wenie and enjoy the boondocking. In any event, we’re on the lookout!

The only planned RV activities we have so far are a week each in Letchworth State Park NY (the Grand Canyon of the east), Newport RI and Bar Harbor (Acadia National Park) Maine. Other than that, we’re on our own.

cafeWe live right around the bend from a multi-acre resort that has to provide open access to all its neighbors, as part of the town agreement to allow the resort to operate. The resort has a ten acre lake, with a man-made sandy beach AND a lifeguard. So, naturally DH and I swim a lot at the lake. We have to register each year with the resort and we get a membership card which must be presented each time we go. What’s also nice is that we get free access to all their hiking trails, library, tennis courts, wellness center and any open yoga or pilates class held outside on the grounds. The resort also has a Vegan Dining Hall and for $10 we can have breakfast, lunch or dinner at the dining center. There is also an organic cafe for home-made ice creme and fair-trade coffee. The cafe’ overlooks their gardens and is a wonderful place to go to and just relax. DH and I spend a lot of time here. (PS: there is also a spa on premises that give the most amazing massages BUT at $115 an hour, I only get one per year).

Lastly, our town has a community pool, with a reduced membership fee for Senior Citizens. For only $50 a season, Nick and I get to enjoy a spacious pool (adjacent to the town community gardens and children’s playground, for when our grandkids come over). If the weather turns questionable, a nearby, local college offers an olympic-sized, HEATED pool for our enjoyment, also at a reduced senior rate. Needless to say, I join everything!

indoor pool
indoor, heated, college pool
outdoor pool
our community pool
pool in bkgrnd
our community garden with pool in background

i-love-ny-308460_1280There’s a reason why ‘I Love New York‘ and I’ll never leave. I’m so happy New York is listed as the worst state to retire in. The less people who come here, the better! Anyone who believes those lists is a fool. Our current governor, Andrew Cuomo, has poured billions of dollars into our state parks, campgrounds, lakes and waterways. He’s revamped all public facilities (like the bathrooms!) and set up ‘Texting Centers’ along our highways. New York is filled with history and exploration. This is an election year, and Mr. Cuomo, an old-time yet progressive Democrat has my vote! Period.

There’s even an app for ‘I Love NY‘. You can download it here. Or click here for things to do in my homestate, New York.


    • Hi Lara. I know. I know. And to think I used to take all of this for granted. No more. It’s a wonderful feeling to really like and enjoy where one lives. It’s a very nice feeling.
      Thanks, as always for your comment.


  1. We live in Southern California, but have wanted to explore upstate New York and see the falls. We planned an 8 day trip for late May. Alas, I hurt my back and we had to cancel the whole thing. (Sad face, here.)


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