Memorial Day Staycation

DH and I rarely travel on big holidays. We prefer to stay home and wait it out. Who wants to deal with traffic? Besides, there’s always so many things to do at home, if you just look around.

Saturday was a giant Sidewalk Sale in our home town. Lots of sales going on. We cornered a good deal on NY Strip Steaks (@$6.99 a pound) and stocked up for the summer. Who doesn’t like a good steak on the BBQ? The rest of the day we just meandered up and down the long streets, window shopping. I stopped in at the library and picked up three books (one fiction, one non-fiction, one cookbook) to keep me busy over the summer.

Sunday it rained on and off the entire day. It was the perfect day to go see a movie! When we got to the theater, we weren’t the only ones with the same idea. We go to a discount theater that shows the latest flicks for less. Plus we had a coupon for one free small tub of popcorn. We saw Book Club (which I will review later). Please, do NOT see this movie with a man. Only with other women. Hubby did NOT like this movie but said it still was enjoyable. He just couldn’t understand why all the older women in the film were dating such younger men. Really? Jane Fonda is 80. What 80+ man would be right for her? No one. Thus the 67 year old Don Johnson was perfect. Le sigh.


Monday morning we went downtown and watched our local Memorial Day parade. It started at 10:30AM and it was so wonderful to see all our town soldiers, past and present marching, as well as the police, fire department, rescue squad, ambulance service and many, many top businesses of the area. Best part was seeing and hearing our local high school drum and bugle marching band. The kids were great!

memorial day'18.jpg - 1


Afterwards, DH and I went back home and cooked up a storm with all the delights we purchased at our local green grocer the other day. We always know when its the start of summer when I prepare my famous pesto over linguine. Artichokes were only .79 each this spring (vs $3.00 each over the winter!). So, I made stuffed artichokes. We hadn’t had those in years!

It was a fantastic staycation!

pesto.jpg - 1
stuffed artichokes.jpg - 1
stuff artichokes


  1. What do you stuff your artichokes with? Everything looks yummy! I went to see the Book Club Saturday afternoon and there were only nine other people in the theatre. There were some really funny lines. Loved Andy Garcia Lara


    • What time did you go? We went for the 4PM show. It was packed.
      Anyway I stuff my artichokes with fresh bread crumbs, minced garlic, fresh minced parsley, grated parmesean cheese, black pepper and enough extra virgin olive oil to coat and make it sticky. YUM! I used to bake them in the oven, but now I steam them on top of the stove. I put a little bit of water on the bottom of the dutch oven, a few slices of lemon and a few cloves of garlic and slow cook till one of the leaves come out easily. This time, since the chokes were new, it took almost 2 hours instead of 1.
      Delish…….is an understatement!
      It’s a lot of work and that’s prob why we only have them this way once or twice a year.


  2. 3:30 PM show, Thamks for the recipe. It was really hot here so I wanted to sit in the nice cool theater after working in the yard in the morning. Lara

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  3. I’m gonna be honest with you here. I’m surprised your husband didn’t like the women in “The Book Club” dating younger men. Nobody would bat an eye at an 80 year old man dating a 67 year old woman. In fact, I’m under the impression 80 year old men would really like to dip into the 50 year old dating pool, and 50 year old men prefer 25 year olds. Those old dudes think they are really hot stuff.


    • Hannah, I’m just as surprised as you are because I am 6 years YOUNGER than my husband! Duh? I think he felt threatened because I kept oogling over Don Johnson and Andy Garcia (who is a pilot in the movie and flies his own plane, over the mountain tops of Sedona AZ!!!!)
      I said exactly the same thing to my husband. When we used to watch James Bond movies together or any of those ‘manly’ movies, the guys always get a younger chick. Well bravo to Jane Fonda! She’s leading the revolution and BTW, Fonda looks amazing in the movie, with her Klute boots and all!
      Thanks for your comment Hannah.


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