Repair or Replace?

With the cost of almost everything rising, it has become fashionable again to repair things rather than toss and buy them twice. This is good for our landfills, good for the economy and good for our wallets. But before you run off and start buying replacement parts (if you can find them) you have to weigh the replacement costs vs the repair costs. If you are going to do the repair yourself, it just may be profitable. But if you have to hire someone else to do it, you may need a calculator first.

weber-portable-grills-50060001-64_1000Case in point: we bought a Weber gas, table top grill three years ago for our RV. Most everyone we know who RVs, uses these grills. They’re great! We paid $169 for it and if we were to buy another one today, it still costs $169. Provided you don’t buy any bells or whistles (such as temperature dials and dual burners). Then the cost jumps to $199, all the way up to $250. When we bought our newer RV last year, the Weber grill didn’t fit into the storage bin so we decided to use the grill at home. It cooks food fantastically, is compact and is perfect for the two of us and the occasional guests. Since we didn’t have a table to place the grill on, we bought the base for an additional $69.

This summer, as we went to boot up the grill, it wouldn’t spark nor start up. DH did some research and realized two parts needed to be replaced. One for $27 and the other (a regulator) for $54. For $81, DH could repair our grill and we would not have to shell out another two hundred dollars for another Weber grill. Note: no hardware store carried these specific parts. They had to be ordered online and an additional $7 was charged for shipping.

Voila’: our Weber grill is as good as new. Hopefully for another 2 or 3 years.

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