Summer Vacation Plans

Now that we are both retired, we have the luxury of taking our vacations any time we want. We can also save money by taking our vacations on the off-season rather than at-season. Which is precisely what we will be doing. We don’t vacation during the holidays. First off, that’s when most retailers raise their prices and have lodging limits (such as three day minimum stays). Plus, during holidays, traffic is always bad and places are always much more crowded than usual. So, we stay close to home.

This year we will only be taking our summer vacations in early June (before schools let out) and after Labor Day (when all the prices drop). September weather is still as warm as August weather and most resorts keep their outdoor pools open till October. Plus, there are NO kids. As much as I love children, they can be near impossible at some of these resorts. I’ve met too many a budding teenager who thinks it’s a barrel of fun to do cannon-ball bombs in the pool, right next to the senior citizens. Nope. Not funny.

We’ll be spending our summer (mid-June, July and August) at our local community pool. This year, they have changed their schedule to accommodate the adults. Each day, from noon to 1PM is adult-only swims and each evening, from 6:30 to 7:30PM is another adult-only swim.  Perfect! Senior Season pass is only $50.

community pool
Only two people in pool during adult-only swims. Perfect!

We have two RV main trips planned. One in June before school lets out for the summer. We are heading up north towards New York’s Finger Lake area for a week and staying at a resort-styled RV park (heated pool, hot tub, $46 a night for full hook-up with Cable & WiFi). Then, after Labor Day, when the prices go down, we will be spending two weeks up in an RV resort-styled park in Maine. Two parks to be exact (one at $44 a night, the other at $71 a night! near Acadia National Park, both full hook-ups) We were originally going to split that time and spend it partially in Newport RI but we changed our minds. We want to explore new places and neither one of us have been to Maine. The weather will still be warm and summer-like right after Labor Day, so it’s a very good thing.

I’m looking forward to both going away AND staying home. Our community has many activities, events and concerts planned. We don’t want to miss a thing.

What are your plans this summer season?


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