Farewell My Kate Spade. I Shall Miss You.

My oldest daughter went to work for Kate Spade in her Manhattan office in 1999. There she remained for the next twelve years. My daughter made it through every single cut the designer business went through. She was in charge of all the computers and all related software. She also had a personal relationship with Kate Spade. So, it is with great sadness to hear about Kate’s suicide death yesterday. Indirectly, through my daughter, all of us had come to know and love Kate Spade.

kate spade:matthews
Kate Spade photo: Matthews

Over the years, my daughter graced me with so many of Kate’s Spade’s products: handbags, purses, eyeglass cases, perfume, shoes, even bed designer wear such as sheets, dovets, shams and pillowcases. Last year, I had so many of Kate’s handbags (15 at last count) I started to sell them off in consignment shops. I even gave away a bottle of her perfume to a good friend of mine this past February. Now, in retrospect, I regret all of those decisions. I should have held onto everything of Kate Spade because I don’t think we will ever see a designer line quite as fresh and youthful as what Kate Spade produced. Each piece is a classic. Something to be loved and cherished. Forever.

I shall miss you, Kate Spade. It was a pleasure to have known you. Thank you for the wonderful ‘upbringing’ you bestowed upon my daughter. Because of her long relationship with you, my daughter is a woman of elegance and refined charm. She ‘reeks’ of everything Kate Spade, from the interior design of her apartment, down to her attire and her oh! so magnificent shoes.

May you rest in peace.

Here are just some of the handbags, eyeglass cases I have from Kate Spade, spread out over my bed!
This is the Kate Spade messenger bag I use each and every day


    • Hi mommyhon. Yes, it is just awful. Nothing in this life is worth losing your life over. Her daughter will now always know the pain of not having a mother for the rest of her own life. Saddest story of them all. Thanks for your comment.


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