Never Look A Gift Card In The Mouth

For the past four years, Camping World, sends us a $15 gift card, to be used in their retail store towards anything we might need on our RVing adventures. (Camping World does this as a ‘thank you’ for buying a rig there)  In addition to our KOA Membership, we’re also part of the Elite Group for Good Sam (all part of Camping World). I didn’t use the gift card last year because we didn’t have an RV. But this year, we do and there were still a few items on my wish list that I hadn’t gotten around to buying.

I needed a table cloth (some of the picnic tables campsites provide are so yucky!) I needed the clamps to hold down said table cloth. And sometimes, in our bathroom, I need to hang up wet bathing suits or just-cleaned-undies, so a clothesline was in order.

I found all of the above at the Camping World retail store yesterday (plus it was Customer Appreciation Day and I got a free hot dog, hamburger and a soft drink for free!) The prices were very reasonable and because we are part of the Elite Good Sam Membership, we got an additional discount off the retail list price. Once I applied my gift card, all that I owed was just a mere fifty-one cents. Good deal!

The items will come in handy soon enough. DH and I are gearing up for our first camping trip this summer in a few days.



  1. What a deal! And lunch too! I love gift cards especially ones retailers give that are not get $10off if you spend $30! I keep my eyes open when I peruse grocery circulars for free groceries when you buy gift cards and get ones for other retailers I use and get my groceries free. Shop Rite, Stop N Shop, Market 32 have all had these promotions. Sincerely, Lara

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  2. Oooohhhh, I just love it when gift cards and sales stack up that way. The tablecloth will be all the sweeter to eat off of remembering the good deal. 😀


    • Anne, ain’t that the truth! When you get something you need or want at a great deal, it is just the more sweeter for sure! It makes you feel tingly all over. At least for me! Thanks for your comment.


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