The Bedroom Reveal: Before & After Photos

First off, I have to start this post by saying I am NOT an interior designer. I do, however, have a way with thrift finds, if that’s any consolation. My expertise as an interior decorator is moderated by my wallet. I really can’t design as I want to. I can only design as I need to.

So, I’ll start off with my sheets. I know you may find this odd, but I only owned one pair of sheets. I wash them once every week and they remain on my bed till they deteriorate. Then I buy a new pair. My budget allows me to find and buy a queen sized sheet set at $20. You might think this a rarity but if you look hard enough at Home Goods, you’ll find them. And they will be 100% cotton and they will feel smooth and lovely on your face and body.

Lately, however, I have found these new kind of sheets, called ‘microfiber’. They are 100% polyester and they are as smooth as silk.  They are usually priced at $18.97 for a queen sized set (fitted, flat and 2 standard pillowcases). For my remodel, I knew I needed blue sheets but I just couldn’t find the right color or the right price. Till I checked out Wal Mart closeouts. I found a suitable color AND microfiber (100% polyester) for $11.87. I had to buy two additional standard pillowcases @$1.97 each and I finally got myself a new set of suitable bed sheets. Only problem, and there always is a problem, the sheets aren’t deep enough to cover the mattress fully. No worries. DH and I are the only ones who will know this and see this, so its a moot point.

Which brings me to Oprah Winfrey. Remember when Oprah used to do her ‘favorite things’ and she used to rave about 100% cotton sheets that had a 1000 thread count? Thousands of women flocked to the stores and spent upwards of $300 for those sheets just so they could be like Oprah Winfrey. Last night, as I lay on my $11.87 sheet set, I commented to myself that the sheets were comfy, were a lovely color and felt very smooth on my face. So, I really can’t understand Oprah Winfrey and her desire for ultra luxury sheets. You don’t have to be a billionaire to enjoy your life.

With that introduction, here’s a photo of my new sheets:

blue sheets.jpg
They don’t quite fit long enough but they’ll do just fine.

In order to fully appreciate my NEW remodeled bedroom, you have to look at the old, original bedroom. It hadn’t been touched or updated in 17 years. The tempurpedic mattress set is sorta new but next year it MUST be replaced. The sooner the better.

bedroom remodel.jpg - 15.jpg
Both recliners were from the 1990’s and were broken. I must have been into ‘roses’ at the time.
bedroom remodel.jpg - 1.jpg
The down comforter was also from the 90’s. The Broyhill furniture was purchased in 2006.

You have to understand that I have a very limited budget. Whatever I buy MUST be on sale. (all the new furniture in my remodel was purchased at for 80% off listed costs) I can not afford retail prices. Nor, can I go shopping with a set idea or style in my head. I buy what’s on sale. I buy what I can afford. And somehow I try to get the whole thing to mesh. Nonetheless, between the new flooring and some new furniture pieces, I did spend upwards of $2,000. Things today aren’t cheap.

I kept my Broyhill four piece furniture set (thank goodness I bought quality furniture!) and I kept my headboard. In the future I hope to get an upholstered headboard. That’ll look so much nicer. And hopefully, by next year I can get a new mattress set (the one pictured is more than 8 years old…I admit it). Lastly, the room really could use a spruce up paint job. I’ll keep the same color since I love it so much. And those blinds have to go! Eventually.

Here’s a main new photo of my new, updated bedroom. More at the end of the post.

bedroom remodel.jpg - 2
I kept the black wrought iron pieces. We painted the old lamps a new blue.

AND NOW THE REVEAL Click on any photo to enlarge and start slideshow:


  1. Stunning!!! What a transformation. Love the restful color palette. Your upholstered chair and love seat are beautiful. That blue in your super soft sheets is restful and cool. Everything looks just lovely, Cindi! Oprah, herself, would be impressed.

    We are bargain hunters over here, too. And have taken to buying our sheets from a little vendor at a booth in our outlet mall. The sheets are $35 for a king set, but recently the sales gal gave us a set for $25. They have many soft, dreamy colors and they wash beautifully. Not sure of the thread count but I know I am sleeping like a champ on our newest set, a robin’s egg blue.


    • Oh thank you so much mommy hon. I put a lot of time and effort into it. The room feels like an oasis. I love that color blue too. It’s so dreamy. Thanks for your comment.


    • Thanks Shelly. My husband spray painted our old end table lamps that beautiful blue (because we ran out of money and couldn’t afford new ones) I love the way they came out AND they mean all the more to me because we DIYd it.


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