New Hobby: Backyard Birds and Photography

I bought this little leftover birdhouse from Aldi a few weeks ago. Hubby hung it up on a tree right outside our kitchen and dining area. Within a few days we had the makings of a new family. Two birds took up residence and started building a nest inside. We anticipate being “parents” not too much longer now. Needless to say, it has been a very interesting experience.

birds.jpg - 1.jpg

The birds feed and nest twice a day. Once in the early morning and again around 4PM. It’s been a joy to hear their singing and chirping. They stop, however, and remain silent if one of us should venture out onto the deck. So, when they’re here, we keep inside and watch them from the windows.

In the interim, I keep my camera ready, with a super zoom lens and I set the dial to ‘action’. I’ve been able to capture some really neat shots. It’s as if the birds knew I was photographing them. They seem to stop, turn around and give me a long look. I guess they’re ready for their closeup.

birds1.jpg - 1.jpg
“I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille”

Click on any image to enlarge and start slideshow:


    • Hi Shelley. Watching this bird family has been a joy. I’m going to be grandparent again any day now. LOL! Can’t wait to see the little birdies. Welcome to my home, you guys!


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