This Is What A Day Out In NYC Costs


I wanted to treat everyone to a great day out in New York City for Father’s Day. To us, that meant a day out to see a matinee on Broadway and to have a nice meal out either before or after the show. We chose to get up early, go out for brunch and then see a 3PM performance of Disney’s Aladdin ( click here, winner of 20 Tony awards!)

The least expensive seats I could find for all of us, was up in the balcony, right center. Despite the tickets being $75.50 each, they also had a service charge of $28.50 tagged on to them (you read that right!) thus bringing the cost of one ticket to $104.

I bought five tickets totaling $520.



Brunch cost $79. Parking the car cost $32 (DH refuses to ride a subway). Gas for the day cost $30 round trip. Tolls were $5.28. DH and I stopped for dinner before our ride back home. Cost for dinner $30.

Total cost for a day out in NYC: $696.28

I’ve been going to Broadway shows since I was a little girl of 5 years old. I took my own two daughters to the theater starting at the age of five. And our tradition has been passed down once again as my granddaughter just turned five a few days ago. That’s one of the benefits of being born in NYC: you get to do and see many cultural events, one of which is seeing an authentic Broadway production. Priceless!

The amount of money spent yesterday is meaningless. The experience we all felt, together as a family, has no pricetag attached to it. Granted, we can’t have days spent like this all the time BUT we can do it to celebrate certain milestones in our lives.

Such as Father’s Day. And turning five years old.

Live well and prosper, my friend. Live well and prosper.


  1. Took the scenic rail from Garrison to NYC and spent the day in NYC on Saturday. Went to the Met (free to NY residents) and road the M4 bus. Enjoyed Pizza on the street and looked in store windows. It was a beautiful day in Central Park. My costs were about $100 ($80 for the museum membership). It is a great place to spend a day! I am glad is was wonderful for you as well.

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    • Hi Janette. Sunday was a glorious day in the city. The weather was perfect! I love, love, love going to the Met! Most fave place and yes! It’s free to us residents. Central Park must have been divine. Thanks for sharing your day too with us!

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  2. Did the same thing last week, only in Hawaii. I went with spouse, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. Everyone had some kind of budget and I knew DIL really couldn’t fit in a luau, so we treated for all four of us, around $750. We have been to Hawaii many times but it was first time for DIL and second time for granddaughter. It was really important to me that they saw the beautiful dancing from all over Polynesia. My granddaughter said her favorite thing from the whole visit to Hawaii was the fire dancers. Memories……..priceless.

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  3. We were in NYC last weekend too with DD and DSIL. We enjoyed the Met, the Museum of Natural Science, the Frick, and most of all Central Park. It was perfect weather. Our trip was considerably more expensive because we had airline tickets and hotel expenses to pay for. But well worth every penny. IMHO.

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    • Hi Florence. Glad you were here and enjoyed it so. I love, love, love the Met. It’s my most favorite place in NYC. My kids love Central park! There really is no other city like it in the world. Thanks for sharing.

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