First Dinner Of Summer

WE’re starting this summer off right! I got some good, fresh deals at the market today. The best being, split leg of lamb, just perfect for the BBQ @$5.99 a pound at Aldi. I always serve lamb with a side of my home-made, fresh tzatziki (Greek cucumber and yogurt sauce with dill, click here for recipe) It’s delicious on anything, but especially lamb. Fresh farm corn on the cob @ 10 ears for $5.00. Since the theme was basically Greek tonight, I made couscous with grated Parmesan cheese. DH had a side salad  too (not pictured). A smallish glass of authentic Greek red wine to top off the meal…… was a great first meal of summer.

dinner.jpg - 1
farm fresh ears of corn
dinner.jpg - 2
tzatziki sauce
dinner.jpg - 3
BBQ’d boneless leg of lanb
dinner.jpg - 4
multi-grain cous cous
dinner.jpg - 5
plated dinner




  1. Absolutely love lamb! Just had boneless lamb roast last two weeks for four dinners and sandwiches for lunches. Did you marinate the lamb or brush it with something to barbecue? Couscous looks yummy too. Do you buy a package mix or make your own seasoning combination? Sincerely, Lara


    • We had lamb sandwiches the next day. Yum? The cous cous is the Israel type. Large bits. No prepackaging. I sautéed them first in olive oil. Then add chicken broth parsley salt and pepper. When done I add in Parmesan cheese. Delish. We BBQed the lamb with just dry seasoning.


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