More Adventures In Retirement

I don’t like to spend a lot of time editing or ‘fixing’ up my photos or videos. First, I don’t have the time and second, I don’t want to spend the time. So, here’s another one of my quick fix  videos to continue onward with ‘The Adventures Of Cindi & Nick‘.

The video starts off with us traveling alongside the historic Erie Canal. I’m always awed by this canal and it’s history (click here). When you travel up the western side of the state of New York, you can catch glimpses of this National Treasure.

The purpose of this new adventure was to see The Grand Canyon Of The East: Letchworth State Park. When you enter the park, the first thing that you see are the mountain sides worn down after millions of years (just like the Grand Canyon) by the Genesee River. The park has three huge waterfalls (named the upper, middle and lower falls….makes sense, right?) We camped over a few nights nearby but the main attraction in the area was the state park.

As promoted, the park didn’t fail to deliver some breathtaking views and sights.

Side Note: there were trillions of bugs flying around us at all times. Annoying BUT they didn’t bite! Thank goodness.  Lastly, I end my video with my favorite still photo, that I shot with my iPhone 7s and touched it up with a long exposure effect to make the water look dreamy. I love the way it came out!





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