We’re Having A Heat Wave

Starting today and running for the next 6 to 8 days, we are going to have temperatures in the high 90’s. Some days it might get as high at 98F and feel like 110F. Ugh! Part of the reason why we cut our vacay short by two days was because of the high temps coming our way (in addition to the heavy rains!)

a:cDH got up bright and early this morning to put in our two strategically-placed, window air conditioners. One goes in my office which also cools down our master bedroom and the other goes in our living room window which also cools down our kitchen and dining area (we only have a four room house, not including the very-rarely-used second floor). Because of DH’s new medical condition, whereby he can not lift more than 50 pounds, he couldn’t put in our regular 8,000BTU living room air conditioner. It was just too heavy PLUS it is almost 14 years old! So, DH put in a rarely used 6,000BTU (it was for the larger upstairs children’s bedroom and only 3 years old) in our living room and hopefully, it will do the trick and keep part of the downstairs cooler. I don’t think we will be able to cook inside this week, so our BBQ will be getting a super workout.

In the interim, our community pool has officially opened full time now and DH and I will be spending a lot of time there. Along with the rest of our community! Thank goodness the pool rules include two hours a day for adult-only swimming (noon to 1PM and 6pm to 7pm). As much as I love kids, swimming with some pesky rowdy teenagers just isn’t my cup of fun. Especially when they do power ball belly flops!

Stay cool, my friends.




  1. Hi Cindy, I put in my bedroom air conditioner two weeks ago when we hit that one awful 100 degree day. I am so glad it was all set for this heat wave., UG(! I now store it in my bedroom instead of lugging it to the basement. I cooled my bedroom and bathroom suite down yesterday and worked outside in the early morning. My lower floor went to 75 Yesterday, and I opened the windows at nine till midnight and its starting the day at 70. I am so glad we only get two of these heat waves a year.. I like it in the low eighties, low humidity and a breeze. Keep cool. Sincerely, Lara


    • Hi Lara. The heat is really starting to bug me lately. I can’t tolerate it at all like I used to. I’m actually preferring the cold lately. Go figure!
      I wouldn’t know where to start to put our a/c in the window. My boss used to hire someone to do it for him. Kudos to you!! I kept our a/c on all night long. It’s the humidity that’s difficult to get rid of. UGH! is right! I’m hoping we can make it to the pool today. If not, we’ll just stay in. Thanks for your comment. You keep cool too!


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