Taking Back My Health Care

2nd hand smoke will kill you.jpg
stock photo: 2nd hand smoke WILL kill you

If you are a follower of my blog, you would know that back in February 2018 I had to sell my Florida condo because of three irreverent neighbors. They smoked. I didn’t. Their smoke infiltrated my condo making life for me there unbearable. I tried for 1.5 years to have some authority stop them from smoking but other than a lawsuit, I had no other choice but to sell. In the interim, I suffered great harm AND damage to my health.


my meds
These are all the meds I’m currently taking

I’ve been suffering with a nasty cough since February. After a series of rushes to the ER and non-stop nose bleeds (Yes! second-hand smoke can cause such terrible damage to one’s good health!) once all of them were resolved, I was left with a cough that kept metastasizing into different spasms. I’ve been through a series of specialists, starting with a cardiologist, pulmonologist, gastroenterologist, allergist, endocrinologist, ear nose & throat specialist (to name a few) and still, seven months later, after a bevy of both lab tests, blood tests, lung tests, Xrays, CT Scans, ultrasounds and a plethora of medications, my cough persists. So much so, that I go into coughing fits, vomit my guts out and then can’t function. It’s been scary to say the least.

I think I need a criminologist now! (not funny)


my medical crap
This is all the paperwork generated since February!

Needless to say, these last few months have been crippling and discouraging. I can see how people with health problems just want to give up. Which is exactly what I did today. I cancelled ALL my future appointments with all these quacks I’ve been seeing (and milking my Medicare account, I might add!) and am going to start fresh with a whole new bevy of doctors. Unfortunately, it won’t be till August 20th but I guess I will just have to hang in there till I can get to see the new doctor. So far, my summer has been in and out of doctors offices, countless hours waiting, waiting, waiting for both results and just to see the doctors! Which has been difficult on both me and my husband. I’ve had enough.

How hard is it to cure a cough?


I won’t bore you anymore with my health problems. I hate people who just sit around and complain about their health problems. But I thought I would just let you know that I haven’t been myself lately. I haven’t been happy either. I didn’t do this to myself. It just happened to me. And although the condo board wants to push the blame on me, I know it is because they are worried about lawsuits. I have no idea what my future medical bills are going to be. I just know that medicare has a lifetime cap. It’s clear to me that the docs I’ve had so far are just wasting my valuable time and racking up the office visits. It’s time I took back my own health care and find someone who can offer me a solution.

In the interim, I’m just coughing away in Margaritaville. NOT a good place to be.

PS: I’m not contagious. Just annoying. Sorry.




  1. Cindi, this might be a shot in the dark, but by any chance are you taking a drug called lisinopril? I was prescribed this for high blood pressure and one of the side effects is a cough. I had to go on something else, the cough was so annoying.


    • Hi Chris. yes I am. It was the first thing the cardiologist eliminated. After a month without it, I was still coughing. Sorry. I’m back on it now because the substitute they prescribed was giving me massive headaches. I’m really tempted Chris, to just stop all medications and see what happens. But I don’t want to have a heart attack. So, I’ll see. At this point I’ll try anything.
      Last thing, yesterday the pulmonologist prescribed an inhaler with steroids. It cost $325 and was not covered by my insurance nor would its purchase go towards my deductible. Needless to say, I didn’t buy it and asked my doc for something else. I’m still waiting for a reply. Thus my angry writing. I’m frustrated and disgusted. 😦


  2. So sorry to hear all this. Never having gone to medical school I have no advice, just sympathy for you for feeling so overwhelmed. I hope it gets better.


  3. Medicare doesn’t have a lifetime cap. You can stay in the hospital for 90 days max—at one time, but have as many 90 days as you need. There are caps for some rehab—pulmonary rehab is 36 visits. I forget how many days for various therapists. Meds are different but if you have part D it’s helpful. The donut hole is supposed to be eliminated in 2020. As to seeing specialists—no limit. Plan F or G makes seeing doctors relatively painless as if you have the high deductible Plan F I believe after $180 or $200something there’s no deductible. The pricier Plan F ensures no deductibles. It will be eliminated but people who are on it now or I believe get it this open enrollment season will be grandfathered in.


    • Tani, isn’t there a lifetime cap of a million dollars overall? My girlfriend, who is very very sick, reached that cap when she was 67 years old and was told by Medicare they would no longer pay her bills?
      I have Plan K and am very happy with it. For now, it’s working out just fine.


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