A Day In The Life. It’s Not So Boring.

Sometimes, it’s nice to be home and fall into a routine. Hubby and I are enjoying our summer and basking in the sameness of it all. We start off each weekday almost the same. DH rises early, at least by 5AM because he has to take care of our dog (feed and walk her). I’m up by 7AM and welcome a ready-made cup of coffee. I fiddle on the computer, read emails, research new writing idea but then fall back into bed till 10AM.

community pool.jpg

I get up, do my basic cleaning and tidying up. By 11:45AM, DH and I are out the door and heading over to our community pool where they sponsor an adult-only swim from noon till 1PM. Swimming laps and catching up on neighborhood gossip at the pool site is the best part of our day! The town does offer an additional evening, adult-only swim but we haven’t gone to that yet. Perhaps when the weather gets hotter, we will.

After our swim, we come home and have a very nice lunch. Today we had grilled, marinated chicken cutlets over a fresh, organic salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing. I bought some Georgia peaches BUT I felt they would taste better in a peach and cherry cobbler pie. So, I prepared this pie BUT because of the hot temperatures, didn’t put it in the oven till midnight (yes! you read that right!)


After lunch, I always take a nap! One hour of lap swimming at the pool totally wipes me out. Sometimes DH takes a nap also. If he doesn’t nap, he’ll go to his barn/office/work shop and just fiddle around.

The outside temperature this day reached 91F degrees! Neither DH or I wanted to cook dinner. So, DH suggested we go to our favorite diner that offers a superb senior dinner between the hours of 4PM and 6PM. At prices between $8.99 to $10.99, the diner offers a full course meal with choice of soup or salad, entrée (protein, veggie, starch like a potato or rice), coffee or tea, and a dessert of either apple pie or a pudding (we always choose rice pudding with whipped creme). DH chose the chopped sirloin (delish!) with no gravy and a (huge!) baked potato for $9.49. I had the eggplant Parmesan over angel hair pasta for $9.99. We both had salads but we took our desserts home for later in front of the TV set.

fresh salad, tomato basil dressing, home baked foccacia bread
DH’s chopped sirloin with a potato that would choke a horse
my eggplant veggie dinner choice over angel hair pasta
the bill: $21. We took the rice pudding desserts home.

Our day was not over yet. Finally, we had some excitement. If you want to call it that. DH was playing in the backyard with our dog when they both came upon a black snake. It was a ‘rat’ snake, known to eat mice and such. We all found it odd to find a snake in our backyard open to the public at 7PM. Usually snakes live and hide under brush and cover. Why was this black snake out in the open? Then it dawned on us. Our little bird house, had now become home to little hatched babies. We could hear them all chirping for days.

the mother bird.jpg - 1.jpg

Now, however, with the black snake in sight, the mother and father bird were chirping wildly. Their bird calls were different now. You could hear the panic in their voices. The parent birds were frantic! The black snake was making its way towards the tree birdhouse. DH ran to his computer and looked up the black rat snake on Google. Sure enough, this is what it said:

Diet: Black snakes mostly eat rodents, lizards, birds, and bird eggs. Rat snakes are constrictors while black racers generally aren’t. They can climb trees; and, if you don’t protect your bird houses with baffles, will break your heart by invading the nests. Smell: Rat snakes emit a musky smell when threatened.

DH and I didn’t have time to either make a baffle or buy one. We had to protect the baby birds and the only solution we could come up with was to kill the black snake and cut off its head. (personally, I think all snakes should be killed but as DH said, this black snake eats rodents and mice and creates a good eco system on our property.)

snake3.jpg - 1


Not a pretty sight but necessary in this Mondo Cane world we live in.

And so, another Day In The Life is over. Never boring. Never dull. But always full of something new and different. Whether we want it that way. Or not.

Live well and prosper, my friend. Live well and prosper.



  1. I’m totally with you on your feelings about snakes. Once in a great while one would show up when we lived in a particular house years ago. My husband always said to me “these aren’t poisonous, these can’t kill you.” My reply was always the same, also, “dead from a heart attack is still dead.”


    • Anne, I swear from the mother bird’s screams, she was going to have a heart attack. We got some snake preventatives this morning, as another (bigger) black snake appeared this morning. I think the mother bird is bringing her chicks to another nest, if that’s possible. She’s been in and out all day with these white blobs in her mouth. I dunno. I can’t deal with this “jungle”. 😦


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