Rain. Rain. Please Go Away.

rain, rain, rain

For the next 15 days, we are going to get nothing but rain rain, rain. Apparently all up and down the eastern seaboard, so there is no escape for us. Oh, there will be little bits of sunshine here and there but mostly, rain, rain, rain and more rain.

This has put a huge dent on our summer plans. We can’t even go to the community pool because they won’t allow swimming in the rain.  Bummer! We’ve been running our air conditioner on and off in order to keep the internal humidity at bay but it’s still been rather sticky here.

We were supposed to spend a week RVing at the Jersey shore next week but I cancelled those plans! Rain and camping just don’t mix. I thought about going to the movies a lot but other than the new Tom Cruise Mission Impossible movie, there really isn’t much that interests me enough to spend any money. So, instead I signed up for a free month of Netflix and DH and I are binging on movies and specials we haven’t seen yet (such as Anne with an A and Mamma Mia!)

One of the other things we can do while we mire in the rain is eat. DH managed to grill some steaks when the sun did manage to come out for a spell. We also have been going to our local diner that serves up Senior Citizen meals between 4:30 and 6PM. You can get a whole dinner, from soup to nuts, including coffee/tea and a dessert for under ten dollars! So, DH and I have been stopping by the diner a lot! Who wants to cook in this misery?

grilled herb crusted salmon over salad
hubby’s grilled NY Strip steaks!

Other than what I have posted above, life in the rain has been pretty boring. My sister and BIL did drive up from Florida this past weekend (his mother is having a big 80th birthday party) so we got to spend some happy time with them. We all also went friend hoping and visited a couple we know in the next town over. The hubby had just had a knee replacement so it was good to get together and share a few laughs. Inside.

There is nothing anyone can do about the rain. It is what it is. We have no control over the weather. Best to just make the best of it and get used to the humidity. We were thinking of just getting in the car and driving somewhere else BUT it’s raining, as I said, up and down the eastern seaboard, so I think we’ll just stay at home.

And binge on Netflix.

For free. Till August 15th. Hopefully, the sun will return by then. 😦




  1. Hi Cindi, The good news about this rain is we are no longer consider in drought conditions and no one is having the well problems of two- three years ago. Your neighbor doesn’t have to drain the water table to water his orchards! And you can take as many baths as you want if you are willing to pay for hot water! You can use some of the camping fees from the cancelled NJ camping trip for these.
    You are so lucky to have a diner that delivers such good food for ten bucks. I love the pictures of their entrees and rice pudding too, Yummy!
    Last Sunday I started with terrible allergies, which I usually get in mid September from ragweed. It’s been brutal with a terrible cough and I can really relate to your predicament. We had gone to a fireworks display and mistakenly we sat next to a heavy chain smoker that I ow wonder if it has anything to do with my allergies! UGH!
    Sincerely, Lara

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    • Hi Lara. I’ve been coughing up so much its become an embarrassment now! Ugh. I have one more doctors appointment tomorrow, Friday and everything is riding on him. He’s a gastroentologist and fingers crossed my coughing is due to acid reflex. If not, I hope he can at least prescribe me something to help alleviate the pain.
      Our well and pond are doing great! The tide has risen. I’m still limiting my baths to just once a week but it’s good to know we don’t have to shell out any money to drill a deeper well. Our diner is our lifesaver! We’re going like once a week now. Love it!
      Wasn’t it just awful sitting next to that smoker? Now imagine 5 straight months of that all.day.long!!! I would have socked him! 🙂
      The sun is shinning today and our weekend here at home is looking better. Thankful.


  2. Live in the So Cal desert here and get about 3-4 inches per YEAR. I looooooong for rain, not just for the earth but because I get soooooo sick of the sun, and heat. 109 degrees yesterday. If husband says one more time, “but it’s a DRY heat” I may be up before a jury of 12 of my equals.

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    • I hear you, Anne. My hubby says the same thing here in the winter when I complain it’s so cold. “But it’s a dry cold” Oh! give me a break!!! 🙂
      I also hear you about the sun. After a while, as in Florida, we got sick of it, day after day after day after day.
      Thanks, as always, for your comment!


  3. We are having rain, too, but it is our annual monsoon season. They really call it that!! About a week to 10 days where we have almost daily storms for a period of time in the afternoon. Naps are good when it rains. Books are good on rainy days. Maybe a puzzle? Set up a scrabble game and keep an game ongoing. Spend some time at the library or book store maybe? But stay dry and safe!


    • Hi mommy hon. I’ve gotten a few good naps in. We’ve been binging on a free Netflix month. Came in handy. We have around another week of rain and I hope that’s it. Kinda tough in the summer. Thanks for your ideas. 🙂


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