An Action Packed Weekend

There was NO way I was going to miss the opening of Tom Cruise’s new movie, Mission Impossible 6-Fallout. I saw the coming attractions back in May and I knew this movie was going to be a must-see action packed film. Tom Cruise does many of his own stunts which adds to the suspense. He did break his ankle when he was jumping from one building to another (you will see him stumble when he ‘tries’ to get up).

The scenes from the sky diving section were taken 107 times before Tom and the director thought it was just right! Tom Cruise also studied how to fly a helicopter for a year and a half before he took the helm of the helicopter portrayed in the movie. The movie is NOT 100% action. The cast does calm down every once in a while and from their dialogue you can easily follow the story. The movie has many, many twists and turns.

I highly recommend this movie. For two and a half hours (2.28 to be exact) you can simply sit back and enjoy this fantastic film. You won’t be disappointed. We saw it Saturday night at our local theater that honors senior citizen discounts. We only paid $6 per ticket. It was the best $12 we spent so far this summer.


Sunday morning, Nick and I got up early and went to our favorite diner for breakfast. I had French Toast made with their fresh baked, Challah bread @$6. Nick had his usual two eggs sunny side up, hash browns and multi-grain toast (no butter) @$4. For $10, we had a delicious breakfast. We split a bottomless cup of coffee!


After breakfast, we went for a three mile hike along the Hudson River trails. We had to! In order to work off those breakfast calories. The weather was perfect! Low 80’s. No humidity. After our hike, we both jumped in the community pool for a quick 30 minute swim.

Dinner was a fresh, organic heirloom tomato and mozzarella ball salad with red onion, fresh basil over toasted olive bread. Delish.


It was as near a perfect weekend that one can get.

How was your weekend? Any plans for next weekend?



  1. On Saturday we drove to the beach with friends and had a great dinner overlooking the harbor. then we hired two pedicycle carriages and had a really fun tour of downtown San Diego and the harbor area. Really great evening.

    Sunday I shopped half of the day for my two granddaughters birthdays whom I hardly ever get to see. I went to five stores and had so much fun picking out girly things. I went a little bonkers.

    Today (Tuesday) we are going to Mission Impossible and then out to lunch at our favorite barbecue restaurant.


    • Hi Anne. I love, love, love your plans. Dinner over looking the harbor! I’m jealous! What fun! I love San Diego. Great town.
      Enjoy MI-6. Let me know what you think about it. 🙂


  2. We had a quiet weekend. DD& SIL came over for Sunday lunch. I made a roast and carrots with garlic mashed potatoes and they brought a pecan pie for dessert. (No calories in that lunch….Ha!)
    I hadn’t planned to see MI-6 but you’ve just about convinced me.
    Hope you have a pleasant week. (BTW, is your cough any better?)


    • Hi Florence. Unfortunately my cough is still with me. I went to the ER and they said they couldn’t help me. So I saw a gastroenterologist last week. Doc said if it is acid reflex it will take 2 months to cure. August 13 I get an endoscopy. If no result I have two more specialists to see. Allergist and thyroid.
      Your weekend sounds lovely.
      Go see the movie. Tom Cruise is 56 and his future stunt days are limited. God love him!!
      Thanks for asking and thank you for your comment.


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