Ahoy Matey! Life On A Real Pirate Ship.

The Kalmar Nyckel (an authentic pirate ship) sailed up the Hudson River over this past weekend and stopped by a nearby port for all us landlubbers to do a look-see. Dubbed “the Tall Ship of Delaware,” the square-rigged ship adventured all the way from its birthplace in Delaware to visit the Hudson Valley for an educational summertime visit. The full-scale replica of a traditional Dutch-built Pinnace merchant ship, the kind that brought Swedish settlers to New Sweden (now Delaware) back in 1638, was moored in Kingston, New York since August 3rd. Visitors of all ages can try their hand at hauling the lines and setting sail on the water. For a breezier experience, attendees are also invited to pack a picnic, lounge on the deck, and listen along to tales from the crew.

Naturally, DH and I had to go and do our ‘look-see’. With tour prices for adults starting at $60 a head, the most DH and I wanted to do was that ‘look-see’! I snapped a few photos of the ship and her crew. Afterwards, DH and I went for a stroll along the downtown river area. Thankfully, the sky held up (no rain!) but the clouds made the day a bit overcast and gray.

It was still a lovely Sunday afternoon.

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