Aldi Can Now Make You A Healthy, Hot Dinner

salmon.jpg - 2Aldi, the budget-friendly grocery store, has introduced a new line of healthy, sustainable, eco-friendly dinners (Contessa Cutting Board) for two for $9.99 (that’s only five bucks a meal!)  I’m always on the look out for good, inexpensive, easier ways of preparing any meal so I picked up one of Aldi’s new dinner introductions yesterday and decided to give it a try. Since I haven’t had any luck cooking salmon by myself, I decided to give their Moroccan-style wild salmon meal a chance. At first, I was very, very skeptical the product was going to be any good. So, I very haphazardly applied the marinade topping to each piece of salmon. Sorry for that. Next time, I assure you, I will do better at presentation. To sum up my whole experience: the meal was delicious!

salmon.jpg - 5In only 23 minutes from start to finish, I was able to prepare a very delicious and healthy meal. I followed the simple, easy-to-read directions and voila’ dinner was served. They even give you recommendations on which wine to pair your meal with! The side dish this prepared dinner meal came with, cauliflower and sweet potato with Moroccan seasoning, was very tasty and very good! Serve  side green salad with this dinner and you have a full, satisfying meal. I was impressed AND I want more (choices that is!) If Aldi is only testing the waters to see if their customers will buy this item, the answer is a resounding YES! Bon Appitito!


salmon.jpg - 1
Easy to read & follow directions
salmon.jpg - 3
Everything is labeled and properly packaged
salmon.jpg - 4
Dinner for two is served!



  1. Hi Cindi, Looks good although your salmon servings seem smaller then their picture. Does it list anywhere the ounces of salmon in the serving? And are they skinless? Sincerely, Lara


    • Yes, the salmon serving was very small IMHO. But is it because DH and I always have bigger pieces in comparison? Once we finished the whole meal, as presented, we felt satisfied. I forgot to mention the whole complete meal was only 340 calories or there about. We’re both on diets, so it was OK. The salmon had skin on one side which stuck to the alum foil, which we didn’t mind. Next time I’ll spray the alum with Pam or something.
      Aldi had another meal with Rockfish. I’ve never had that type of fish before but we’re going to give it a try.
      Hope I answered your questions?
      Thanks for asking.


  2. I make fresh cauliflower rice occasionally by sautéing in lightly oiled pan or if I am running my oven spread thinly on a sprayed cookie sheet. I usually just bake the Aldi 3 lb. sweet potato whole with skins on, baking them aldente at the same time. I refrigerate and then dice, shred, or make fry cuts for spicy fries during the week for various meals. The cauliflower rice refrigerated is good for a week.
    Market 32 had 99 cents a pound pork chops and 49 cent/lb chicken legs and brought my $25 weekly groceries down to $16 after coming back from Cape Cod!
    Sincerely, Lara


    • Everybody is raving about the new way they can cook cauliflower. I have always made it in a tomato sauce served over pasta. A few times I have roasted it and loved it! I used to make slices of sweet potato, hot roasted in the oven (with chili powder, yum!)
      Those were the good old days. I haven’t cooked in months! UGH. Nick’s been doing all of the cooking lately. If not, we’d starve. LOL.


  3. So I came home and baked them all, along with roasted carrots, Brown rice, and peas in the oven,while the temperatures were in the seventies. This will be my basis for various meals- pork fried rice, teriyaki, stir fry, Mexican burritos, fajitas, and tacos, barbecued pork sandwiches, chicken salad. Most of the meals take less then twenty minutes to fix. I have been substituting lettuce for bread with the chicken salad and the usual buns for the barbecued pork. I came back on Saturday with the vacation added five pounds and this morning I had dropped that and another two pounds. Sincerely, Lara


    • Lara, I don’t know how you do it! Kudos to you.
      I would love all those things you prepared. Nick can’t. He’s on a strict low salt diet. Because of that, things have been boring around here to say the least!
      I like the chicken salad in lettuce wraps. That’s such a great summer choice!
      Thanks for sharing. You’ve given me some good ideas. For me. Alone. LOL!


  4. I too am on a restricted salt diet and have no problem working around it doing these recipes, using spices and the Coconut amino sauce for the soy sauce that the Whole 9 diet introduce me to. It’s usually located now by the soy sauce area. Home made salsa is easy too from fresh ingredients with no salt or in winter no salt petite diced tomatoes.There are recipes for no salt barbecue sauce too. I use chili powder, ground ginger, paprika, And cinnamon on my spicy sweet potatoe rounds or fries and since they are already cooked putting them in a lightly oiled heated skillet takes less then five minutes.Sincerely, Lara


    • I usually use the low salt soy sauce when I cook some Asian dishes. That’s a great idea using no-salt petite tomatoes to make salsa! I leave out salt when I make things for hubby but they never taste good. I have to salt like crazy afterwards and it just never tastes right. But you made some good suggestions. I’m going to try them. As always, thank you!


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