Those Pesky RV Cancellation Fees

One of the first things I learned back in June while RVing is that DH and I can not stay inside our smallish rig for days on end. We were doing that because the nice weather had changed into rainstorms. As most of us may be aware, this summer of 2018 has been a rainy one! The days of sunshine can probably be counted on one hand (I’m exaggerating, but you get the idea…… was a rainy summer…..with no end in sight)

So, because of the rain, we had to cancel many, many travel opportunities this past summer. Granted yes, I could foresee some of the weather 15 days ahead, thanks to the Weather Channel app but nonetheless, I’ve cancelled a lot of trips! The sites we reserved with KOA, had a $10 cancellation fee (but they add up!)  It’s the private park cancellation fees that hurt the most. One charged us $25 to cancel and another charged us $50!

I don’t want to tally up what we have spent this summer in cancellation fees but I am certain it is near $200. Ouch. That hurts. You can suggest NOT to make such reservations so far in advance but this is the summertime and there are a lot of RVers out there. Sometimes when we booked, we were told we got the very last site, so booking early during tourist season is always recommended.

We have one last RV trip scheduled for the early fall and realistically, we’re not cancelling this trip, rain or shine! You can do things outside up in New England, as far as I am concerned, when it rains. DH and I are used to that and have the proper gear to face that rain accordingly.

In the interim, DH and I have gone on day trips instead. Without our RV. If we wake up in the morning and the weather looks good (we can’t always believe what the weatherperson professes) we have a list of day trip opportunities suggested and we decide on which adventure we will take on. Also, thankfully, we’ve been going to our local community pool almost every morning, when we are home (it tends to rain in the afternoon). That pool has been a giant boost to our summer enjoyment (plus we have made some really good friends!)

We keep our RV spiffy at all times and ready to go! Never know when at least 4 to 5 days of sunshine may be on the horizon. So far, this summer, it hasn’t happened. It’s a lot of work (for us) to take our RV out on the road, so we try to stay out for at least a minimum of 5 days to make the trip worthwhile. If it’s just for a weekend, it’s not worth it to us.

instantpot.jpgA lot of our fellow RVers have been raving about The Instant Pot, as a one-pot cooking utensil, perfect for RV life. Since we have so much down time I thought I would buy an Instant Pot and give it a try. I spent a few days looking at beginner YouTube videos and I looked at a few cooking videos. The food, for some recipes looked good. Others were not that inviting. I’m not fond of cooking meat in it’s own fat. Plus, we have a convection oven in our RV and I think that contraption does a better job at cooking whole meals than The Instant Pot can ever do. So, I returned The Instant Pot and will rely on an electric frying pan instead. I won’t use the two propane gas burners in our RV because I think it’s too dangerous to cook inside the RV like that. It’s just my gut feelings. I prefer electrical equipment inside the RV and our propane gas grill OUTSIDE our RV.

Next summer we’re booking at an RV resort for the whole months of July and August plus a full week after Labor Day. It’s not too far away from our home so if it rains, we can always drive back home and stay dry inside our home! The good part is because of this, there will be NO cancellation fees! Yay!

Live and learn.

How has your summer been? Has the rainy weather affected your summer plans at all?


  1. Hi Cindi, I don’t own an RV but when Planning a trip I always make a plan for rainy day options and search for the discounts for those activities and senior discounts. My go to fast food place is Wendy’s and they will give you salt free fries with their four for four deals has the free sandwich offer with taking an online survey like McDonald’s , free senior coffee, and I get two of their free kid frosty for a buck key tags good for the entire year and enjoy dessert or add to my coffee to make mocha flavored or vanilla flavored coffee. They just came out with a Wendy’s app.I plan on getting. I have checked out if there are Senior Centers in the area and dropped into two and enjoyed chatting and played cards, pool, and bocci, and ask about what activities they like to do in the area and what are their favorite low cost diners or restaurants. And if they have early bird specials. I have gotten some great ideas. Sincerely, Lara

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  2. PS Also find where the local library is and what activities they have. I have attended a movie, a travel lecture, use their computers, and lounge and caught up on magazines, browsed local papers,found out about local farmers market and a jazz concert at a local winery, attended a cooking class. Lara


    • We do the same thing. Since most of the places we’ve been RVing have been rural, we look for the nearest closest town to go to and hang out. But if it’s pouring rain Lara, it’s kinda tough to do anything. Ugh.
      Thanks for your suggestions. Always welcome.


  3. Yea, heavy rain is no fun. There has been so much lately I have weeds three foot high that my lawn guy can’t wack because the ground is like quicksand muck so won’t traverse it to get them. It’s more like April then August here!


    • I had a bunch of trips planned but cancelled. The last one being in Mystic CT. Unless the campground provides a cement patio, the grassy sites or even the gravel sites do not fare well in the rain. At least in Mystic we could have gone to the aquarium. The New Jersey shore was a bust!


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