Fat Shaming Older Women

There seems to be a little rumble going on over the appearances of some of our long-term female celebrities. Apparently these women, haven’t aged as well as their male counterparts and everyone is in a flutter. (BTW, hang on till the end of this post because I have a solution if you are experiencing the same dilemma. I am too, so don’t be ashamed.)

First off, I’ll start with that dreamy hulk of a James Bond-gone-rogue, Pierce Brosnan. When he showed up for the premier of Momma Mia, Here we Go Again (part two) there was a buzz over the appearance of his wife of 25 years. Since photos speak 1000 words, here you go:

What the heck is Brosnan doing with this heifer?

Pierce is adamant about the love he still feels for his wife, Keeley, as this article boasts about it (click here) but I’m not so sure.

When you start off here (in 1994):

pierce & wife before beach.jpg

And you end up here, in 2018:

pierce & wife after on beach.jpg

I dunno. That’s a lot of good eating packed away on Keeley, don’t you think? Apparently, she doesn’t, thus the bikini.

In the words of comedienne Sebastian Maniscalco: “Aren’t you embarrassed?”


We also have a buzz about the new Tom Cruise movie ‘Top Gun, Part Two’ in the making. There’s no doubt about it, after all these years, Tom Cruise still looks like Tom Cruise. tom cruise then & now.png

His co-star and love interest, however, hasn’t fared as well. Here’s Kelly McGillis.

Kelly then & now.png

Ladies, let’s face it, as we age we don’t fare as well as men. God probably did this on purpose so men would go out there and populate the earth. We all can’t be as fortunate as Jane Fonda and even if we were celebrity type material or had access to celebrity money, sometimes we ladies just don’t age well. Personal trainers are expensive. So is plastic surgery. Apparently the women listed above don’t give a hoot about their appearances. If you, however, are like me, and care at least 10% of the time to try and hold onto your good looks, good health and try to somehow make yourself presentable, I just recently, accidentally discovered something that just may give us the boost we need.

I came upon this advertisement on YouTube and you know I am NOT the consumer buyer but I just had to buy myself this product immediately. See if you relate. Watch this quick advertisement:

I’m a ‘little bit’ overweight and I’ve got the hanging belly to prove it. But if this stretch panty can make me look better, ladies I’m buying it. My husband thinks these women look great AND sexy. I bought myself one pair of thin stretch panties, the All Day and Every Day Ultra Thin and High Waisted Shaper Panty and let me be your trial and error person! If you submit your email you get 10% off your first order, so for $25 what do I have to lose other than the twenty-five dollars?


Tom Cruise and Pierce Brosnan stay tuned. No one is going to fat shame me!


  1. Got one of these not sure if it’s the same brand, on the recommendation of my BF for my son’s wedding, Ugh! When you are sweating from dancing it’s almost impossible to get it down or up afterwards to go to the bathroom, I ended up having to take it off and go la naturelle back to my hotel room and deposited it in the bathroom trash can, The Irony is my BF had the same problem two years later at her daughters wedding reception and I couldn’t stop laughing as she cussed on the other side of the bath door, Good Luck,! Lara


    • I have one of what you are talking about. This one from this new company, however, is supposed to be super light. In any event, I’m going to try it out anyway. September my jeans go back on and if I can control my muffin top, I’d be happy.
      I’ll keep you posted. LOL!


  2. I am confused. Are you saying that he should not love her because she is larger then the women that he kissed in 1994? Are you really all men are that shallow—or all women are? “Brosnan has two children, Dylan, 16 and Paris, 12, with his second wife, journalist Keely Shaye Smith, whom he’s referred to as his guiding “North Star.” His first wife and daughter both died of ovarian cancer.


    • Janette, I’m not saying anything. The critics are fat shaming Brosnan’s wife something awful. Pierce adores his second wife regardless of her size. But in the celebrity world, they expect Keely to be a bit more firmer. And Brosnan is getting a lot of flack over it. I don’t think she should be out in a bikini, do you?
      Ditto for Top Gun love throb McGillis. The press are all over her over how she looks today as compared to how Tom Cruise looks.
      I think most men and most women really are that shallow. Probably more so, men. Lots of men cheat/divorce their wives simply because they have gained weight.
      As for me, I think a thin girdle would do me a world of good. Especially for my muffin top when I wear a pair of jeans. If I can do something to make myself look a bit better, I’m going to give it a whirl. Within reason, of course.


    • No she’s saying people have a perception of love.

      As far as aging- the men aged as well but the difference between the men can the women is that the women got large. Yes our metabolism slows as we get older but they look like they don’t care abt their looks. So aging really doesn’t have anything to do with why they look awful.


  3. IMHO, The selection of that dress by Keely was crazy, the massive lacy sleeves are so ridiculous and add to her size. She still has great legs and a long dress with a center slit would have been more flattering.Lara


  4. My body is amazing. It has digested my food, eliminated my wastes, given me senses of the world around me, and even made a new human being. I do my best to take care of it. My body is fine just as it is. Too bad if someone else doesn’t like it. It’s a shame that some people look to others for approval of their own body. IMHO.


  5. First of all Pierce Brosnan’s wife and, I assume, Kelly McGillis are not in the public eye as celebrities. If they were making big bucks, like PB and Tom Cruise, they would be thinner with dyed hair, cosmetic surgery and perfect make up. Tom Cruise and Pierce have every reason to watch every bite that goes into their mouths and to work out several hours a day, they make millions.

    And Mrs. Brosnan’s dress was terrible, but I think we ALL should shut up about other peoples’ bodies.


    • The movie company wanted McGillis to appear in Top Gun 2 but I think they changed their minds about that. Not sure. We’ll have to wait and see. Unfortunately, spouses are part of the celebrity package. Brosnan got a LOT of flack over his wife. She is or was famous in her own right, but that has fallen to the wayside and is forgotten. It’s wonderful that Pierce still adores his wife regardless, but her choice in wardrobe hasn’t gotten the message yet. Wearing a bikini in public with that pot belly of her hanging out is asking for criticism. A one-piece would have made a better statement. Someone needs to tell Mrs. Brosnan that she’s not that hottie she once was back in 1994.
      And yes, Anne, I agree with you. People should shut up but you know, they never do! Everyone wants to chit chat. Mrs. Brosnan could do a lot better with her attire and be admired rather than despised.
      Thanks for your comment. 🙂


  6. I’m not sure when people started referring to blubber as “curves”, but when you look like Pierce Brosnan’s wife you need all the help you can get. She needs to ditch the bikini and put on a mu-mu.


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