I Really Did Save $1019.08 With This Purchase

I’ve been a Mac laptop user for like forever (since 1994). But when it came time last year to replace my 7-year-old MacBook laptop with another newer laptop, for some strange reason, I changed my mind and bought an iMac desktop model instead. It wasn’t to save any money because lap tops last year were $1009 and a desk model, for my usage, was $1604 (with tax).

My main reason last year for buying a desktop model was that I was going to do more photography, so I needed a bigger, faster model with a better imaging screen (4K and Retina Display) than the MacBook choices provided. Plus, I wasn’t traveling as much (except between Florida and New York) and it was easy to pack up the iMac in its own, original box and transport it just twice a year.

Fast forward to today and my interest in expanding my photography hobby has fizzled and my traveling interests have increased. I can’t drag my iMac desk model with me anymore. I need a laptop. We’re going to be on the road more this upcoming year and I’ve got a lot of financial work to do, as well as some minor photography. So, I checked out the starter MacBook model on Apple’s website and I was astounded to find out their 12 inch, 1.2GHz Processor, 256GB storage model had a starting price of $1299! Add in the sales tax and I was looking at a price tag of $1406.17.


That meant I had to sell my desktop iMac, which I have come to love and respect PLUS IT’S FULLY PAID FOR. I seriously do NOT want another 18 month payment plan to pay off yet another computer! A few months ago I could have gotten $750 from Gazelle for my iMac. Today, I can only get $450 on a trade in. What to do?

For some reason, late at night, I had a brainstorm. What if I bought Apple’s newest Wi-Fi iPad, for only $329 plus a Bluetooth keyboard for only $159 and an added accessory of a lightning-type reader connector to my camera’s SD card (so I can upload my photos to the iPad) for only $29 and spend just $517 instead of $1406? I did some late night research (I always get my brainstorms at night) and found out my iMac’s keyboard was bluetooth ready and could be connected to the new iPad so I didn’t have to buy another one. Then I checked out the software I needed to continue with my work and found out the companies offered free apps made specifically for the iPad. In other words, I could keep my desktop iMac that I love. I didn’t have to buy a new laptop. I only had to purchase the new 9.7 inch iPad for $329 and the card reader for $29. Calculate the tax and for only $387.09 I could have everything I needed for both the road and my land computer needs.

That was a true and actual savings of $1019.08 that I didn’t have to spend!

SD card.jpg
For only $29 I can connect my camera’s SD card to my iPad

I ordered my new iPad online and got it in a day. I was a little bit worried about setting up the iPad, because it was going to be so time consuming entering in all the passwords and data I needed, so it sat on my desk, unopened for a few days. Finally, I booted up the iPad. It asked me if I had an iPhone. I clicked ‘yes’ and the iPad told me to place my iPhone next to my iPad and click ‘go’. Once I did that, within seconds all my data from my iPhone transferred to my new iPad. I didn’t have to enter a thing! All my contacts, music, email addresses and passwords were transferred over and I was good to go! This is why I love and adore (and have been ever so loyal) Apple Computer Inc.

In 1998 I bought 100 shares of Apple for only $1400. Today, those same 100 shares, that split and split and split and split are worth over $120,000. There’s a reason why Apple was the first American company to reach a net worth of over a trillion dollars. Their stuff works! (expensive yes! but so worth it!)

I am also entitled to a free, one-on-one, live training YouTube exchange with an Apple techie to answer any of my questions and also to learn a few more tricks of the trade. I’m scheduled this Thursday and I can’t wait. I’ve got a ton of questions to ask and I am as happy as anyone can be! I’ve always been a sucker for technology. I just love it! So exciting! Plus, I get to stay on the cutting edge of technology! How cool is that?

all my equipment.jpg
All my lovely Apple equipment!


  1. Hi Cindi, I love the lightening reader have had it for four years. Recently I had the same easy transfer from my old IPad Air to my 8 Plus IPhone. All of my older iMessage contacts did not transfer however. Kudos on the Apple stock investment . Have you sold any of it over the years when it split? I have the tendency to sell what equals my original investment and let the profits grow. Sincerely.Lara


    • Hi Lara. The lightning reader works superb. That’s interesting that the iPhone to iPad worked in reverse. Painless.
      I sold my Apple stock along the way. I shouldn’t have. (:


  2. Just got mine yesterday! Love it.
    I bought Apple at $19 in 1991. 🙂 Unfortunately I sold it when I was talked into going into a mutual fund. Mutual fund is long gone. If only ….


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