I Like Having Lunch Out

DH and I really like going out for lunch. It’s not expensive and it’s so, so good! We have our favorite organic, farm-to-table eatery (also a bakery and a cafe’) that we have been steadily going to since 1994. I’m certain I’ve written about it before. It’s privately owned, has several locations (including one in the original Woodstock, NY) and the owner, of course, knows me (because I enjoy perfection as much as he does!)

It’s such a nice thing to do, on a lazy afternoon that is sunny but not too hot. You can sit out on the patio and feel the cool mountain air brush across you. It’s the best atmosphere to enjoy a hearty bowl of soup and one of those fresh-baked, full whole grain slices of organic bread with just a gentle dab of melted butter. (lunch out is just another great retirement benefit)

Of course they have frequent flyer cards: one for coffee (have 8 cups and the 9th is free) one for bread (buy 12 loaves and the 13th is free) one for lunch (have 10 lunches and the 11th is free).

We cashed in our lunch freebie. I had my usual soup (this one is cucumber avocado) DH had his usual grilled chick pea with tons of veggies.


The main headquarters, where all that bread is baked!
One of my fave cold soups, perfect for summer. And that bread!
DH is in veggie heaven when he bites into his own fave sandwich!

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