RV People Are Some Of The Kindest People

Within seconds of entering our RV spot, our soon-to -be neighbors were ready to lend us a hand. One helped us navigate into out spot. Another had his battery operated screwdriver out to loan us should we need it. After we set up, our new neighbors had coffee or drinks ready plus a spot around the campfire if we needed a warmup. You don’t find such kindness loosely. People who need people. Teamwork. And if you’re fortunate, sometimes friends for life.

One of the main reasons why Nick and I do not like boondocking is because we don’t want to be alone. We want to be with other like-minded people. We spend enough time alone at home. Part of the RVing experience is getting out and seeing new things and meeting new people sharing their adventures with you. It’s s different type of lifestyle and one that you have to be committed to.

We are.

Full hook ups are our RVing mode of choice. I love our amenities. Last night the temps hit the high 40’s and it was cold! With a flip of a switch we had heat. Last week we had air conditioning. Fresh brewed coffee with warm touch ups in our microwave all within a touch of a button. This morning we had French toast and bacon. Lunch found us outside overlooking our ocean view.

Yup. It’s a very nice lifestyle indeed.


  1. Hi Cindi. Just wanted to let you know I did your diet for six days and lost almost four and a half pounds. I’m thrilled and thinking of sending photos to the super model agency. 😀 You also don’t have to now worry about a stranger showing up at your house with an apple pie to eat.

    Unfortunately we’re leaving on a road trip in a week, but I’ll be as careful as I can. Then I think I’ll start again early next month.

    Thanks for the kick in the pants.

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    • Anne I’m so happy for you. Congratulations. And hopefully you didn’t suffer too too much, right? Have a safe trip. And stay skinny.


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