The Full Maine Experience

There’s a reason why the nickname of Maine is ‘vacationland’. Apparently, the entire state has gotten it right. If you do Maine correctly, you’ll have a great vacation there. Plan well. Get everything down to its lowest cost possible, but once you get there, let it rip! Buy, spend, live, enjoy. You won’t be sorry.

The one thing that impressed me the most about Maine is their rugged domain. The tall pine trees, the mountainous rock, the crisp cold air, the message that their land is untouched and they aim to keep it that way.


Maine certainly is a place I want to go back to again and again. So much to see. So much to experience. I don’t want to miss a single thing. I can get as rugged as I want to be. I can be as sophisticated as I want to be. Maine will accommodate it all.

Tomorrow it’s back to business. I’ve got several articles waiting in the back regarding our retirement life and retirement financials. Reality continues. DH and I had a great eight days in Maine. Thankfully, I brought home some blueberries and I spent the day today baking up some blueberry crumb cakes. Delish!

blueberry crumb cake

slice of cake
it tasted as good as it looks!




  1. The cobbler looks so yummy! I am glad you had a great vacation.Bar Harbor was one of our stops on our New England honeymoon and we later explored this area when my kids were teens. Looking forward to your back articles.sincerely, Lara

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    • Hi Lara. Bar Harbor is on my list of favorite places to visit and vacation. We’re already planning our return visit next year!
      Who knew?
      Thanks for your comment.


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